There are many ways in which security guards can help you solve your problems. Their presence in your business is not limited to one or two areas. We will see below, six different problems that a security guard can help you solve, in the best and most professional way.

False Indications / False Accusation

Whenever there is a misconduct in your business buildings, there is a chance that you may suspect someone innocent, either by mistake or based on obvious preliminary evidence or clues. No one would want this to happen to them and you need the right people to prove with evidence who committed the offense and which of the suspects is innocent.

The security guards are responsible for monitoring every activity on the premises, so that they are able to find out or explain what happened and who was responsible for it.

Weapons control

In many cases we meet a large number of people working in the same premises, resulting in the possibility of conflicts between them. It is difficult to predict and confirm that no one is armed. It is the duty of the security guards to carry out such checks (where required) using metal detectors and to constantly monitor the people working inside the premises.

Avoid shoplifting and maintain safe stocks

This problem is more relevant in the case of retail stores. Security guards help you solve the problem of theft and inventory loss. One of the main tasks of a security guard is to avoid theft, regardless of the type of business in which they occur. They closely monitor any suspicious activity and can follow the suspect until he tries anything.

Enforcing punctuality

Security guards can help you monitor the accuracy and punctuality of your staff. Security guards are trained to observe and it is difficult for an employee to avoid the experienced eye of a security guard. Employees’ punctuality is one of the areas that can bother businesses, as it can lead to reduced productivity.

Pay attention to logistics

Security guards can help you avoid any crime someone may commit while your staff is loading or unloading trucks. Without security guards there is a greater chance that such opportunities will be exploited. If a theft occurs during loading and you deliver less products to your customer than those he ordered, this can damage your business relationship with your customer and can be particularly detrimental to your business.

Reaction to robbery

No one can predict or remain so prepared to react to a robbery more than the security guards. These are trained professionals who respond quickly and adequately to specific scenarios. Security guards are the most suitable people to handle a robbery, as dealing with such incidents is part of their basic training. They can save you money, stock and other valuables you have either on display or in a warehouse.

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