Professional security guards are now a necessity in the daily operation of businesses and beyond. To achieve excellent security results, it is vital to hire experts to properly handle your security needs. However, to optimize effectiveness there are certain qualities that security personnel must possess. We list the most basic ones.

Proper education

Hard and continuous training is a prerequisite for any job. Similarly, the training requirement for a security guard is vital as the protection and safety of your business and employees is in their hands. Look first for those who have undergone extensive training to obtain the relevant license to practice. Despite technological advances, state-of-the-art surveillance and cyber security equipment, physical security is still an essential factor affecting the smooth running of your business. Therefore, it is important to hire professional security guards who know their duties well and possess the necessary skills.

Physical and Mental Condition

The activity of security guards is a high-intensity activity and requires great physical and mental endurance. As their job may involve patrolling large areas, staying up late and keeping their observation skills alert at all times, it is obvious that a fit person will be more effective at their job. The job of security guards requires quick reflexes and even quicker thinking. To be alert and vigilant, security guards must also be mentally healthy.

Reliability, Integrity and Honesty

Security guards are responsible for the safety of your valuable assets and therefore, they must be reliable and honest. The security guards do not work under the constant monitoring of the employer and have unlimited access, both to the building and to the operation of the security cameras. All of the above make honesty and integrity key qualities in their job description.

Ability to collaborate and lead a team

It is common for security guards to work at a crowded event, so teamwork is a quality that each of them must possess. Successful cooperation always brings the best results. Also, it will often be necessary to cooperate with public authorities, e.g., firefighters, police and paramedics, so it is vital that they are highly skilled in teamwork.

Good communication

Security professionals should have the ability to communicate things correctly and comprehensibly. Communication skills are fundamental to every part of a security guard’s job. Communication is not only useful during crises. Most of the time, a security guard is the first person a customer meets. Thus, they must be communicative, cordial and supportive. Also, they must communicate properly with each other since it is obvious that their constant communication will prevent or de-escalate a possible unpleasant situation.



Ideally, the most important quality to look for in any job is experience. For security guards, experience is essential as they are less likely to be exposed to a new situation or crisis, which they will therefore be better able to handle. A security guard’s priority will always be to de-escalate a tense situation in one way or another, so that none of the parties involved resort to violence or other crisis of any kind. This skill can only be achieved with experience and if they have handled similar situations in the past.

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