During this COVID-19 lockdown, experts offer basic tips for maintaining our mental clarity and mental well-being. We must remain optimistic to prevent mental stress or panic while working from home.

The global health crisis due to COVID-19 results in social distancing and isolation to control the further spread of the pandemic. In such a difficult situation, most organizations and companies have been forced to put several employees to telework. However, for many professionals, there is great concern for the future, which can lead to anxiety and panic even after the pandemic is over. The experts offer tips to get through these difficult times with a positive mindset.

Use your mind

Let us admit that COVID-19 lockdown will affect all of us either mentally and emotionally, or financially or in some other way. Since we are provided with a lot of information in the media and social media, it is important to filter the data so that you do not lose your mind. You need to have a focused thinking process and achieve a balanced state of mind so that you do not feel deconstructed.

Accept the New Reality

Work from home is the new reality and the new regularity. Make changes to your work style so that you do not feel isolated or frustrated. Although reality has changed, the human ability to adapt to new things remains the same.

Maintain a positive outlook

In these times of uncertainty and constant fear, it is important to have a positive outlook on life. Build or improve your relationships by staying connected to your family. Rely on each other, stay calm and help your loved ones, especially the elderly who are most vulnerable during this crisis.

Learn to manage stress

In these difficult times, one must learn to reduce stress and deal with stressful situations positively. Find your own ways and add some kind of physical exercise.

Stay disciplined

Draw a clear line between your personal life and your professional life if you work from home. Create a workplace, stay disciplined and follow a schedule throughout the day. For those who are new to working from home, find a corner in your house/appartment and work efficiently even if it is a very small space. It is also important to follow a basic sleep and wake routine with some flexibility, because the body produces different hormones during the day and night.

Include new activities

The absence of some usual daily activities, such as moving to the office, etc., will create extra free time. Take advantage of your free time by reading, doing exercise, yoga, meditation, watching online videos, learn a new skill such as dancing, etc.