Construction sites are often easy targets for malicious actions. Theft is a constant threat to any construction project, whether commercial or residential. You need to be vigilant 24/7 and deal with those who want to get materials, machinery and other supplies illegally. Therefore, construction sites require an advanced security system to act as a deterrent and to maintain evidence in the event of a crime.

According to statistics, construction projects face theft of up to 1 billion euros per year. The construction projects are already budget-intensive and the losses from theft are the last scenario that the manager would like to face. Lost materials, tools and equipment also cause delays in the project.

Therefore, caring for the safety of the construction site is an important money-saving strategy. Here are some of the best practices you can use to make your construction site safer.

Add a surveillance system

Adding video surveillance is the first step in creating a powerful hybrid site security plan. Surveillance cameras can perform multiple functions, such as: 3600 space view, 24/7 motion detection and recording, long-range thermal detection. Combined with the right software, the cameras can also generate advanced detailed data.

You can also select live and remote site monitoring. This enables the competent persons to communicate with the competent authorities in real time (at the time of the crime).

Field security guards

The best way to have an optical deterrent against opportunistic thieves is to have security personnel on site. Malicious people tend to have special techniques to avoid technology. However, the presence of security guards makes them question their choices and avoid their aggressive intentions.

In addition, security guards can constantly communicate with the remote monitoring team, coordinate the situation and increase the response rate.

Protect your perimeter and interior

Effective use of sophisticated locks, fencing and adequate lighting is another powerful deterrent to site safety. The use of effective locks should be a consistent practice in all security systems for doors / gates, vehicles, tools, equipment and staff containers.

Bright lights should illuminate all areas, as dark locations serve as hiding places for criminals.

Register all Equipment

Every item on your construction site has a serial number, license plate or other identification sign. Whether it is a small beam tool or a forklift truck, everything must be properly registered. All people involved at the construction site should be informed of the fact that tools and equipment have been registered.

As a construction manager, you should be well acquainted with the laws and regulations in your area regarding the insurance of materials and equipment. Having a building materials manager can be beneficial, as it will ensure perfectly controlled delivery and return of tools and equipment, at the beginning and end of each business day.

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