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What elements make your building vulnerable to crime?

If you have an office building or a store or a residential building, you need to know what makes it vulnerable to crime. What are the...
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What are the key benefits of cyber security services?

Businesses around the world are struggling to prevent cyber-attacks as hackers become faster, smarter and more creative. Nearly 1 million...
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Do you need security services everywhere ?

Over time, crime ratio and other social phenomena have increased the importance of hiring security services. In the past, there were fewer...
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How a security company manages crisis situations

A security company is not only capable of protecting facilities from intruders, thieves and burglars, but also has the professional ability..
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What does it take to have an effective video surveillance system?

Having an effective video surveillance system ensures that the chances of unpleasant events in your area are minimized. You can guarantee...

The important responsibilities of security guards

A security guard must take over his duties seriously and consistently. These tasks range from simply being present to maintaining order and..

Event Security Tips

Whatever event you are planning, you have a duty to ensure the safety of the participants. Each different type of event presents some...
delicate handling

Application of “delicate handling skills”

Τhe importance of the "delicate handling skills" that security guards should develop in in the post-lock-down era is great. As the opening...
static manned guarding vs mobile patrol

Static Guarding vs. Mobile Patrol

Manned security is a one-way street, but how do you decide between static security or mobile security patrols? Mostly, it depends on...