The impact of Covid-19 on the modern technological revolution has been examined several times. Although the current degree of commercial digitization and IT dependence was predetermined and predicted long before 2020, the pandemic acted as a catalyst, forcing people to quickly embrace change. They say that the winners of tomorrow are those companies that adapt quickly and are able to adjust their activities according to the needs of the current period.

While companies that were reluctant to digitize faced painful consequences, those with strong survival instincts rushed to adopt digital and online alternatives to their day-to-day operations. One of the most important and commendable adoptions was the rapid change from the traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing.

However, cloud computing, despite being much more secure than traditional computing infrastructure, introduces different types of vulnerabilities at the same time.

Security is a continuous process and not an one-time effort as perceived by many companies. So, the best way to protect your business and its data is to stay one step ahead of the latest trends.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing involves the use of a remote network of servers (host servers) hosted on the Internet to store, manage, process and share data. Let’s look at a simple example. Conventionally, individuals and companies used to store and manage data through their personal computers or their local servers. In the case of companies, the data was traditionally stored on local servers, which placed many restrictions on geographical extensions. However, the introduction of the cloud broke all barriers and made extensions easier than ever. At the moment, 92% of companies base their IT operations on the cloud.

However, technological advances often pose unique security challenges.

Critical security trends in the cloud

According to The International Data Corporation, almost every company that uses the cloud faces serious security challenges. As mentioned earlier, the only way to overcome them is to stay up to date with the latest trends.

These are:

Cloud Computing will continue to grow

If you think these security threats are going to trigger a draw-back on the cloud services, then you are wrong. Cloud services are here to stay. After all, were there fewer security threats before this technology? Are traditional IT structures more secure? Obviously not.

As a result, you will see an increase in the number of companies hosting their cloud computing services.

Cloud breach attempts will increase

Profit maximization is part of human nature. While some try to make a profit through ethical means, others tend to forget the difference between good and evil in their endeavors.

Therefore, cyber criminals will attempt to commit violations, as long as they see profit opportunities in the cloud. Security providers are constantly warning every company to expect at least one major or minor data breach in 2022. Therefore, the cybersecurity plan should be designed with a “when it happens” mentality and not an “if it happens” mentality.

Companies in the early stages of transition will be the most vulnerable

While the threat is equally pervasive in every company, companies in the early stages of data migration in the cloud are at greater risk of data breach. If you are new to the cloud, you need to be extra careful. The best way to go about this is to look for online security services from a reputable company.

Integrative security will become a priority

Many companies are concerned about the use of different cloud service providers and related security challenges. In order to enhance security and provide better services, platform integrations and security concentration will once again be a topic of discussion for 2022.

AI security will prevail

Finally, companies will increase their investment in artificial intelligence security to complement all other methods.


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