Small businesses are not exempt from crimes that take place on their premises. Some businesses, such as retail stores and banks, are primary targets for theft, but any business can be the victim of illegal activity. Sports events, festivals or any occasion where large numbers of people gather are also subject to turmoils and lawlessness, especially when there is alcohol served.

Using the services of a trusted and authorized security organization can help you minimize the risk of loss and ensure public safety. But how does a small business know when to hire such a company? What signs indicate the need for protection?

You have concerns about parking safety

Employees or customers may feel unsafe walking to their cars at night, especially if the parking lot is not well lit. Their concerns are justified, as unsupervised parking spaces can be breeding grounds for vandalism, theft and smuggling. When a security guard patrols a car park he can ensure the safety of people and property.

Your facility is located in a high crime area

Businesses located in high crime areas impose the need for a security guard. High crime does not necessarily happen in a bad neighborhood. It could, for example, include a warehouse located in a sparsely populated rural area.

You face theft and shrinkage of stock

Data from the National Retail Federation revealed that retail stores lost nearly $ 44 billion a year (average in recent years), with 34% of that number coming from employees. Therefore, almost every retail store will benefit from the presence of a security guard.

A well-trained, licensed security guard will take steps to reduce theft and reduce shrinkage, saving money for the business.

Concerns about liability issues

If a company has suffered losses in employee contracts or in general liability contracts, the insurance company may require a correction action plan that includes the services of a security company. Implementing such a program can also lead to a reduction in premiums.

Keeping an event log

One task usually assigned to security guards is to keep a record of daily security, personnel and property activities.

For example, if a door opens accidentally very often, it creates a pattern and the security guard will record it. The door may not lock properly or an employee may leave it open to enter after hours.

Because the security guard works for the security company and not the enterprise, he can serve as an objective third party in the event that an employee is charged with an illegal activity.

You have security concerns

If you think you have one or two security issues, in fact, you probably have dozens. Having someone dedicated to security, knowing what to look for, being able to distinguish what is safe and what is unsafe and what needs to be improved, can be very useful.

Serving alcohol on site

Wherever alcohol is served, it is a good place to have a security guard. The liability of a company can be very costly if a turmoil breaks out resulting in personal injury or property damage.

The presence of the security guard acts as a deterrent. They can act quickly to prevent incidents before they escalate.

You face issues with overcrowding

Businesses that have many people entering and exiting a building can use security guards to monitor traffic, control people in and out of the premises, and hand out the visitor’s IDs (where needed) by taking record of their details at the same time.

The physical presence of a professional and courteous guard calms the public and creates a safer environment in which criminals will be less willing to target. It also sends a message that you are concerned about public safety and you are taking steps to protect your customers or visitors.

Your security plan is limited

Security guards can help a company’s security program.

Industrial or construction companies, for example, often have a security officer. In smaller companies, this person is usually a supervisor who prioritizes the performance of his duties rather than dealing with security issues. In such cases, a security guard may have the role of a security officer and either sit in security meetings or chair the security committee.

You need help in an emergency

Security guards are trained to manage a wide range of emergencies, including physical disputes, medical emergencies or criminal incidents. They are always present and act responsibly and logically regardless of the occasion.

For all of the above reasons, it is a wise decision to have one or more well-trained and licensed security guards from a reputable company that protects your business.