Documents for granting a work permit for the staff of Private Security Services Company (I.E.P.Y.A.). All security company employees must -by law- carry a work permit. Re: No. 1016/109/149-a’ from 08-9-09 (F.E.K. t.B΄ 1967/10-9-09) Decision Mr. Assoc. Minister of Internal Affairs.

  1. Application for granting / renewing a license. On a form of the authority, with complete identity details of the person concerned and the activities he is going to carry out.
  2. Official photocopy of the professional training title, specialty relevant to the activities to be carried out (category A’ or B’). This supporting document will be required by the authority after the issuance of the decision provided for in article 3§4 of Law 2518/1997. Note: According to the no. 4892/1/76-f’ from 12-07-2010 K.Y.A. it was decided that the presentation of the above title, as a supporting document, will be mandatory from 01-01-2012 only for those who wish to obtain a license to practice for the first time, while for those who hold a license after 13.10.2013 as for the renewals of expiring work permits, as stipulated in article 9 par.1 of Law 3707/08, vocational training titles are not required for five (5) years from the publication of the law, that is until 07.10.2013.
  3. Proof of payment of the relevant fee [Thirty Euros (€30)].
  4. Official Photocopy of a document proving the identity of the applicant.
    Greek citizens: Police ID card or relevant temporary certificate from the competent authority or passport or driver’s license or individual health record of all National insurance bodies. Citizens of an EU member state: ID card or passport or proof of registration of a citizen of an EU member state. Homogeneous: Special Homogeneous Identity Card (EDTO) or relevant certificate from the competent authority. Identity details that have changed are declared with an official declaration form.
  5. Official declaration of art. 8 of Law 1599/1986 by which the person concerned declares that: a) he does not lack the conditions referred to in paragraphs f, h and i of article 2§1 of Law 2518/1997, as applicable each time, b) is not temporarily detained, c) has not been irrevocably referred to a trial for a felony or for an offense of case c) of article 2§1 of Law 2518/1997, as applicable each time or has not been convicted even by a final decision for a felony or for an offense under letter c of paragraph 1 of the aforementioned article and d) has not been irrevocably sentenced to a custodial sentence of more than six (6) months for a crime under article 8 of Law 2518/1997 and for every crime committed with guile.
  6. Certificate from a Public Hospital, from a doctor with a specialization in Psychiatry, from which it can be concluded that the applicant does not suffer from any form of mental illness and is not a drug user, the date of issue of which is not more than three months from the date of its submission.
  7. Four (4) recent color photographs (ID size).
  8. Ex officio supporting documents sought by the receiving services (if submitted by the interested party, the date of issuance of the supporting documents must not be more than three months from the date of their submission): a) Copy of criminal record FOR COURT USE and b) Cerificate by the Court of First Instance that the applicant is not under JUDICIAL ADMINISTRATION.