After the impact that Covid-19 had on many businesses, companies began to look at how they can use technology to fill the gaps in their organization. Below is a list of emerging technologies that may become revolutionary within the next 10 years.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence combined with video surveillance is poised to become a game-changing security technology in the future. It is important to make use of the vast amounts of data generated by video surveillance as it can provide many benefits to the businesses. As you know, there is still much to be done in terms of perfecting this technology. However, once the technology is perfected, AI video surveillance will become much more interactive, as data analysis will take place in absolute real-time.

Biometric Security

In this day and age, biometric security is everywhere, from your mobile device to your home. It is one of the most sophisticated technologies introduced in recent years. Biometric data such as facial recognition and fingerprints can be captured and used to document data as well as add another layer of security. It can also prevent unauthorized people from entering certain areas.

5G connectivity

The rise of 5G shows that it is going to be a technology that is here to stay. 5G aims to speed up data by up to ten times. Compared to previous connectivity, 5G allows security companies to take advantage of rapid data transfer and react to security threats much faster.


It is usually associated with cryptocurrencies, but this emerging technology can actually be used in security as well. Blockchain can be used to store a significant amount of data derived from video surveillance. This would essentially prevent would-be hackers from tampering with the surveillance hardware.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality can simulate real life situations, which would allow the person to use the skills they have learned and use them in a controlled environment. Not only will this allow individuals to experience different situations, but it will also allow them to develop into their role much faster.

The utilizationof the above emerging technologies in the security industry would not only enable your company to grow and expand into different sectors, but would also create faster and more efficient solutions.