While we continue to face uncertainty and insecurity in 2021, the good news is that the rate of vaccination is increasing and we certainly look forward to slowly returning to normal, but also to enjoying the necessary socialization and fun. This includes some cultural, sporting and corporate events of massive interest.

Whatever event you are planning, you have a duty to ensure the safety of the participants. Each different type of event presents some details and peculiarities, which require different security procedures. Let’s take a closer look.

Concerts and Festivals

Everyone loves a great concert. But concerts and festivals present a variety of dangers. With some thousands of people in attendance, there is always the risk of friction, accidents from throwing objects, trampling, dangerous behaviors, collapse of stable structures, etc.

In addition, the choice of venue will create its own risks – especially if your event takes place outdoors, where there are many things to consider: slipping or falling due to low lighting areas, damaged floors or garbage accumulation, moving vehicles sharing the same routes as pedestrians, equipment failure (e.g. turnstiles), possibility of fire, etc. All of this can be a real risk for the participants.

Obtaining private event security services is essential for concert and festival organizers. A good security contractor will help control and plan health and safety, create barriers, regulate compliance, crowd control, provide first aid, connect with emergency services, evacuation mapping, etc. This will ensure that no one gets hurt, that you stay lawful and that your event will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Sports events

Whether it is a marathon or a football game, with the massive participation of enthusiastic fans, every major sporting event needs proper safety procedures. Unfortunately, tragedies have happened in the past at major sporting events – and many of them could have been avoided.

To ensure that the event remains safe, it is important to have comprehensive incident management strategies, risk management practices, health and safety policies and other security measures. In addition, there is a great number of rules that organizers of major sporting events must follow.

Professional security guards can help with crowd control, crime prevention, static security, CCTV monitoring and direct communication with emergency services. Security service providers can also provide advice and assistance with emergency planning procedures, as well as the emergency method or mapping.

Sports events should be fun for everyone. Even small sporting events – such as local football games and other fun activities – can benefit from the presence of security guards.

Corporate events and conferences

Getting professional security services for your corporate event will ensure that your event stays safe and gives your guests peace of mind – which is especially important if your guest list includes business people or high-profile politicians.

Security guards will guide attendees to where they need to be, assist with controlled entry of visitors, assist with evacuation procedures, and contact emergency services if necessary.

The 4 most important issues to consider when planning an event are:


Alcohol is served at most events. Special care is needed, as the problem will not be created by visitors who will consume a small amount, but by those who will consume too much. You need to take the necessary precautions to prevent cases that could endanger human safety or that could result in serious legal penalties for you.


A successful event is evaluated on the one hand by how much participation it had. On the other hand, it is also evaluated with criteria such as: Who is responsible for crowd control? How do they know where to go when the event is over? Are there areas that visitors cannot enter? These are all issues that require an experienced security team with an organized plan.


The general rule is that the more valuable things you have to protect, the more security you need. Whether it is someone who guards the cloakroom or controls an entrance that is not accessible to visitors or protects expensive equipment, there must always be proper planning and a sufficient number of security guards to ensure that there are no opportunities for theft.

First aid

If you are the organizer of the event, it is up to you to ensure that all participants are adequately protected. Equipping your event with a first aid station is the best and easiest way to ensure that emergencies can be dealt with quickly and effectively by those who are qualified. The provision of first aid naturally depends on the size, nature and risk assessment of the event.