Security cameras improve the security of businesses as they prevent theft and other criminal activity. It is especially important to install security cameras in a commercial building, but sometimes building owners or managers do not know where to install security cameras to secure their property. They put them in the wrong places and when a crime happens, they do not know when and how it happened. Here are the main places where you need to install security cameras, so that you do not have problems in case of an unpleasant event.


Entrances are some of the key places for installing security cameras. It is essential to be able to monitor people entering and leaving the premises. You will be able to know when they come in and when they leave the facility. So, if a suspicious person enters or leaves the building, you will identify him and locate him with the help of video surveillance.

Restricted access areas

There should always be a security camera in restricted areas. People often enter these areas and hide things there. Use time-lapse cameras (start-end connected to access control systems). This way you will be able to know if an unauthorized person is entering this area.

Parking spaces

It is necessary to install security cameras in low light areas such as parking spaces. It is also wise to install a night vision camera in the car park area to detect potential car thieves when there is less light. In the case of large companies with a lot of human resources, you will be able to monitor the movement of your employees (what time they come or go). If there is a camera located in low light areas, thieves will think twice before committing a crime.


If a burglar manages to get into the property, he will definitely use the stairs. He would not use the elevator as somebody could see him. It would be advisable to install a security camera there so that you can identify the burglar. You can then give the video to the police to assist them in their investigation.

Close to Cashiers and ATMs

These are also important places when it comes to installing security cameras. Burglars usually invade for cash, so it is important to place a security camera there in order to have a clear view of this part of your building. If there is a theft, you will be able to assist the police in their investigation by giving them the video.

Security cameras are becoming more and more important as thefts and breaches are constantly increasing around us. Our security cameras provide live or recorded video and audio, which can be viewed from any location, from a computer or mobile phone. With the help of security cameras, the owners can monitor the company while they are away. Many evidence videos have led to the arrest of many criminals. If you have any questions, you can contact us and ask us all your questions.