Unlike other industries such as construction, banking, retail, etc., the healthcare sector poses many security challenges. It is an industry that offers services to the general public. Therefore, the issue of security in healthcare is quite sensitive and very demanding. In addition to external threats, hospitals and medical facilities face significant internal threats.

To overcome these security challenges, we must first understand the threats. This will help to devise and implement the necessary security checks to prevent, detect and correct security issues and breaches that occur in a medical setting.

The key to developing a successful security strategy and implementing it is to hire a trusted and professional security service provider such as UNITED SECURITY.

Due to the sensitivity of the issue and the prevailing lack of attention, we provide an overview of safety issues in the healthcare industry, related threats, challenges and solutions.

What are the common threats facing healthcare?

From processing payments and documents, to patient privacy and physical security, so much is at stake in a medical facility. Respectively, the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing embarrassment have further intensified the existing threats.

The main threats currently facing healthcare facilities include:

Ransomware attacks are one of the biggest threats to the global healthcare industry. This trend accelerated immediately after the outbreak of the pandemic and is likely to remain here for some time. Thus, this subcategory of cyber security threats will remain the most important issue in the healthcare system.

Internal data theft and invasion of patients’ privacy is another important issue. In contrast to the above scenario, where the threat is external, this internal threat involves breach of privacy policies by hospital staff.

Unauthorized entry and invasions will never disappear from the planet. Therefore, this conventional method of crime is still widespread in the healthcare industry and, unfortunately, will remain so in the future.

Hospital equipment theft and internal fraud, riots and deliberate violent attacks, child abductions, accidental fires, explosions and natural disasters are some of the other potential threats from an inexhaustible list.

The implementation of security measures is a continuous and constantly evolving process. Therefore, before you hire a security company to take over the security of your hospital, make sure it has what it takes to succeed.

Which Safety Strategy will be the most successful in the Health Sector?

Obviously, there is a need for integration between different physical, electronic and virtual security measures. The days when these three elements were independent are gone. The nature and severity of modern threats require the merging of various security elements.

Therefore, an ideal security strategy should seek to integrate all aspects of security into a centralized control and monitoring system, which will not only avoid duplication of work and confusion, but also reduce security costs. You can achieve this goal seamlessly by assigning the security of your facility to an experienced security company that offers a combination of all the necessary security measures, such as UNITED SECURITY.

What types of checks are appropriate for your health?

While the needs of each hospital or medical facility are unique, we recommend the following security checks as a general rule:

  • Physical access controls, such as biometric locks and security guards.
  • Well-defined crowd management, crisis and emergency policies.
  • Mobile patrol.
  • 24/7 video monitoring.
  • Server access controls, applications and features.
  • Multilevel cyber security measures.
  • Top firefighting and disaster alarm systems.

The complete list of UNITED SECURITY services covers a number of industries and has everything you need. Contact us to find the most suitable solutions for all your main or secondary security requirements.