A security company is not only capable of protecting facilities from intruders, thieves and burglars, but also has the professional ability to handle any kind of crisis. Security guards have a set of skills that allow them to handle the worst situations. By crisis situations we mean the escalating unrest that may occur in an event, a strike, a quarrel, etc.

Immediate response

The first way a security company handles a crisis situation is to respond quickly. The security company has the advantage of being there. It is easy and understandable for security guards to take the right positions from the beginning and plan a response and action strategy.

If their reaction is quick and accurate, they will be able to handle the situation on their own. In these cases, you may not need to call the police. A quick response from security personnel can also completely prevent the crisis from escalating. Protesters may disperse realizing that security guards are fully capable of doing what is required.

Assisting the police

Even if the situation gets out of control, the security guards will be able to guide the police officers who arrive on-site. In this way, the police will be able to immediately design the appropriate strategy to control the situation.

Security personnel can inform the police about the details of the incident. An important piece of information, for example, is the number of people there. Another important piece of information is the size of the problem to be addressed.

Police will also need information about the building or facility. Using maps and other means, security guards will describe the entire area to the police and help them check the situation in less time.

Knowing the area inside and out

Another great advantage of security guards is that they are familiar with the area. This allows them to accurately make the most effective moves to control the situation. It is much more important than we think, to know all the entrances, exits and other parts of a building. For example, security guards know the escape routes and can electronically block these exits so that the perpetrators cannot escape.

They can also lock and unlock doors and fences as they control the premises. In addition, they have access to the control room, so they can monitor every corner of the building through security cameras.


At UNITED SECURITY, we provide trained, experienced, specialized and professional security guards, who know how to deal with crisis situations effectively. They are able to ensure that everything remains under control. Contact us for more information.