Being a Security Guard is one of the most demanding jobs, as they have to deal with difficult situations with professionalism. You hire professional Security Guards to protect your business and that means you trust on them your employees and the security of your business. Thus, you believe that they are well trained and have the necessary knowledge to deal with stressful situations. The main reason you hire a security team is because you are concerned about the potential risk that could jeopardize your business reputation.

The first step in keeping you and your business safe is to hire professional security staff. Dangerous situations can occur at any time in various forms. Therefore, hiring a security team trained to handle these stressful situations will help protect your business. Throughout their careers, Security Guards have faced a variety of stressful situations and challenges. They have therefore developed many skills on how to handle these situations effectively.

Here are some ways in which experienced and well-trained Security Guards can handle these stressful situations.

3 ways Security Guards handle security issues

Every Security Guard often encounters situations in which he/she faces an agitated person. Professional Security Guards are trained to detect signs or behaviors that indicate that a person may be preparing to commit a crime or harm another person. Some signs that a person is upset and can be a threat to others include:

  • Body language
  • Verbal threat
  • Speaking of violence
  • Loud voices
  • Invasion of other people’s space

Sometimes, even with the best training, it is difficult to deal with these stressful situations. In such situations it is important to remain calm and cool. This is one of the features that an effective Security Guard must have.


Sometimes a person who shouts loudly may feel unheard and wants others to hear what he is feeling. So, the first thing your security staff should do is listen to them. Instead of ignoring what they are saying, it is important to listen to what the person is trying to communicate. By actively listening to what the other person is trying to say using their body language and asking questions, the Security Guards show the other person that they really care about the situation and want to solve the problem. Many times, just active listening can help relieve the situation. Active listening also shows empathy. By listening to what the person is saying and asking meaningful questions, they show that they are putting themselves in the person’s shoes and can better understand the situation in order to find a solution.


Communication plays an important role in mitigating dangerous situations, as most disturbance comes from an emotional issue. Therefore, in a situation like this, the best the Security Guard has to do is communicate. It is important that the communication is intentional and the disturbed person should not feel threatened in any way. Therefore, when communicating, the Security Guard should be calm, clear and use positive body language. This helps relieve stress and quick de-escalation. In situations like these, the main goal is to resolve the situation without damage or injury.

Offers solutions

The Security Guard needs to know how to deal with the situation and offer solutions. The last step in mitigating a potentially dangerous situation is to end the confrontation in such a way that the person does not feel threatened. The best way to do this is to offer a possible solution. The person feels more respected and less threatened when involved in finding a solution. This will minimize the potential damage and the situation will be dealt with more smoothly.


A security officer must have a variety of skills to handle difficult situations. Therefore, it is important to hire professional security personnel who are familiar with the aforementioned methods for resolving stressful situations.

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