Some people think that CCTV systems and other gadgets can protect their business stand-alone, but in reality, manned security services are the only way to protect your business premises from theft and other crimes. This applies not only to large enterprises, but also to medium / small enterprises.

Now, the question is whether all businesses need security services. Businesses such as retail stores, mini / super markets and banks are targets of robbers and these businesses must definitely hire a professional security company to help them protect their premises and staff.

At UNITED SECURITY we have trained and experienced security guards who can prevent crime and maintain security in your business premises, as well as assist your employees and customers in whatever else is required.

Sense of security

The first thing that happens with the presence of security guards is the pervasive sense of security. You no longer have to worry about the safety of your property, your employees and your customers.

Employees working in a risk-free environment are easier to concentrate on and be more productive as they do not have to worry about their personal safety. Likewise, hiring manned security services will give your customers the impression that you care about their safety and that you are taking steps to ensure it. Security services are very important, especially in cases where your business is in a high crime area.


The presence of security guards in your business premises is a major deterrent to crime. Criminals are reluctant to target a company with professional security.

Hiring security services will prevent any criminal activity, as it will send a message to would-be criminals that you take the security of your business seriously. Professional security guards are trained to detect suspicious criminal activity and have the experience to deal with it effectively on the spot.

Handling of crimes & suspicious actions

Professional security guards are well trained to actively respond to a crime, such as to immobilize the perpetrator and contact the police.

It is best to hire security guards from a reputable security company. Security personnel from reputable security companies, such as UNITED SECURITY, are well trained and experienced in dealing with difficult situations.

Monitoring & Surveillance

There are various services that security guards can provide, such as static guarding, mobile patrol and surveillance of monitors by security cameras. It’s up to you to decide what services you want for your business, but we can also help you make the right choice by assessing the potential risks. In any case, when you hire security guards to monitor your property, you remove a great and stressful responsibility from your shoulders.


UNITED SECURITY is a trustworthy company that offers a complete set of knowledge, skills, know-how and many years of experience in the field of manned security services. We are proud to set the highest standards in security services, as we value your life, safety and health. For more information contact us here.