Security is one of the most critical issues for any business. Fortunately, advanced security measures, especially video surveillance systems, are more sophisticated than ever. Your businesses are now more secure than ever.

A CCTV video surveillance system is so valuable to modern businesses that it can help you save money on your insurance costs, but also on potential losses of merchandise or fixed assets. Although the initial investment may seem a bit high, the long-term benefits are undeniably worthwhile.

What are the advantages of a business surveillance system?

Having a CCTV system has countless advantages. The most important of these are:

An advantage of using these devices is that they provide your staff with peace of mind.
If something does happen to your assets, surveillance systems will still protect you by providing proof.

Types of Business Surveillance Systems

Business monitoring systems are classified into two types:


An analog system often consists of a DVR (recording data storage system) and monitors that display the area being monitored.

IP Cameras

IP (or network) camera systems rely on Internet access to monitor their coverage area. This digital system can be displayed on a computer, smartphone or other devices. It also has more advanced features like motion detection and the ability to monitor specific parts of your organization based on your needs.

The difference between IP cameras and analog cameras

Image quality is the first difference. IP cameras capture images in single or multi-megapixel resolution, which provides amazing levels of detail. In addition, they keep video file sizes reasonable and see much more due to their wider field of view.

Due to their internet connectivity, IP cameras can be used with modern features. For example, video analytics enable immediate communication with law enforcement, mobile alerts and motion activation.

What to consider when buying surveillance systems

Consider these factors before choosing a video surveillance system for your company:


You can install a security system even if your company is small and you don’t need to monitor many different places or install many cameras. Larger companies with multiple locations and complex installations should hire a specialist to design and execute the installation.


The cost depends on the size of your company, the number of cameras you need, the type of storage you want, how long you want to keep the videos and the functionality you want, such as video analytics or motion detection.

Data storage

For the video surveillance system, you can choose between three different video data storage formats: NVR, DVR and hybrid. Analog cameras are used by DVRs, known as “digital video recorders”.

IP cameras are used with NVRs, often known as “network video recorders”. Analog and IP cameras can be combined in hybrid systems.

Camera resolution

A good rule of thumb is to always ask for image sharpness and the amount of mechanical and optical zoom. This is probably the most critical piece of information you need to know before investing in a security system for your company. You should look for cameras that record at least 4MP resolution if you want twice the HD image resolution of 1080p.


Most manufacturers provide a high level of customization, making it easy to adapt a system to your company’s requirements. There is a solution for everyone, whether you need a complete system to monitor multiple locations or a few cameras to monitor your business.

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