Businesses require security partners to address three important issues in the workplace – the security of assets, the safety of staff and the protection of confidential data and other valuable information. However, choosing a security company can be a difficult process and there are several things to consider before making your final choice.

The only thing for sure is that you do not want to hire an inexperienced or unreliable company. The many options available to security companies can make the selection process difficult, resulting in total disorientation. Therefore, it is important to take the time to research properly and ask as many questions as possible before finalizing your decision.

Read below the basic questions you need to ask during the security company evaluation process to ensure that you make the right decision.


Start with a self-evaluation to better understand the specific security requirements and concerns of your organization. This will help you to know in advance exactly what you are looking for.


Have they worked with companies similar to yours?

When evaluating a potential security provider, you need to make sure that it has experience with businesses similar to yours. Security risks and requirements for different companies vary. Therefore, they require a team whose skills and experience are tailored to suit the specific environment. Although many security companies start small and work for a wide variety of clients and subjects, they eventually develop their position and expand further.

For example, a company that provides security for music events will usually hire “bouncer” type security guards. Their training and skill sets will be significantly different from what a company’s headquarters need. Similarly, a healthcare facility will have a different security requirements compared to those of a logistics center.

How are candidate security guards assessed ?

The effectiveness of a security company is highlighted by the quality of the recruitment process and training program. Therefore, you should ask about the recruitment process of security staff and ask them the following questions to get a clear idea:

  • Do they conduct background checks on their candidates before hiring?
  • Does the company hire professionals with military experience or knowledge of technology?
  • Are applicants undergoing drug testing?
  • Do they conduct a psychological assessment?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to ensure that only those people who have the required characteristics and skills will be hired. Another crucial element of the evaluation process is the recommendations from the applicant’s previous employers. This will help you better understand if the security guards are performing their duties consistently and will help you determine their reliability. In addition, personality tests will help eliminate unwanted behaviours and ensure that the right people are hired.

How do they train their staff?

There are specific legal requirements for obtaining a license to practice, which require potential applicants to have the appropriate qualifications and training before obtaining the approval of licensing authorities. Before choosing a security company, you need to make sure that the company complies with them.

Training methods may differ from one security company to another, but the general procedure is the same. It includes a certain number of training hours and written tests. You need to make sure that the training topics meet the needs of your business.

Incorporating these questions into the evaluation process will help you find the right security company for your business. Be sure to spend some time on your research in order to work with the right company that will better understand the specific needs of your business.

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