To improve your security services, choose the right company

Although many security companies may seem the same, their quality assurance programs and compliance are what make the difference. Therefore, evaluate the competence and background of your potential contractors and choose the one who will be able to truly meet your needs.

Review the training provided to Security Guards

To improve your security services, review and evaluate the training your contractor provides to its staff. Try to ask and answer the following questions:

– Did the training take place at your premises?

– Who was responsible for conducting the training?

– How long was the training for each security guard?

Confirm the qualifications of your Security Guards

Find out about the basic requirements and make sure that the security guards placed in your company fully comply with them. Additionally, if you have an HR department be sure to reserve the right to interview Security Guards before they are assigned to your property. This initial interview is a good way to find out what you can expect from them. After the interview, if you think someone is not sufficient, you can ask for another person.

Evaluate the Supervision Procedure for Security Guards

If your security contractor does not provide adequate supervision, the security guards will be poorly trained and unmotivated. Furthermore, when Security Guards are not supervised, they often believe that the work they perform is not important. Then they may adopt unprofessional behaviours. Before signing a contract with a manned security company, find out how they will supervise the staff.

Conduct inspections to improve your safety

Randomly visiting your property after business hours is a great way to check how your security works when you’re not there. While performing your inspection, ask your guards about their duties to make sure they understand their job. Alternatively, you can proceed with an independent third party (security consultant) inspection.

Set up regular meetings with your contractor

The easiest way to improve your security is to meet with your contractor regularly. The purpose of these meetings is to provide feedback and thoughts to the contractor regarding the performance of each Security Guard. These regular meetings will help the contractor gain a greater understanding of your needs and find ways to achieve optimal service levels.

United Security, having a strong corporate culture, ensures access to qualified and well-trained personnel. United Security’s human resources are the company’s most valuable asset. People different from each other in terms of their knowledge, skills and experience, join forces in order to provide the best possible services in every project we undertake.