If you own a retail store, chances are you will often notice open packages, products that are missing from stock and shelves without any proof of purchase. This mysterious disappearance of products from your store is likely due to theft.

Thefts can have serious consequences for your business, as it can cost thousands of euros in lost revenue. Since retail stores are vulnerable to theft, the only way to avoid them is to strengthen the security measures in and around the store.

Here’s what you can do to prevent theft in your store:

Train your staff

Training for your staff on how to prevent shoplifting can help a lot. For example, a thief, unlike regular customers, would like to remain invisible and avoid coming into contact with any of the store employees. If your employees are trained in this behavior, they will be quicker to spot anyone trying to harm your store.

Another good way to deter thieves is to openly greet everyone who enters your store. Eye contact and greeting signify recognition and will change their minds about their intentions.

You must also keep in mind that theft can come from within. Preventive training programs can help discourage employee theft.

Careful selection of new employees

Employee thefts costs businesses several million euros each year. Training only works if you have trustworthy employees. To make sure your store is in safe hands, check all candidates before hiring. Also, let them know about your store security policy and what you expect from them.

Place security signs

Placing security signs in places that are not clearly visible to shopkeepers is an economical way to discourage would-be thieves. Placing signs that state legal actions against thieves will discourage them from taking the risk. Interesting security signs such as “smile, you are on camera” will help you warn people without being rude.

Install a video surveillance system

Investing in store security is essential. Installing cameras will help you monitor your store at all times (in real time), but also watch video recordings to investigate past events when needed.

You can also monitor your store remotely when you are not on site. You can receive security alerts or view the live stream of your store via your smartphone, whenever you want.

Hiring manned security services

Working with a reputable security company will help reduce and even eliminate thefts in your store. An experienced security company knows how to create a safe environment in your store, so that your employees work comfortably and your customers shop safely.

A well-established company knows how to place specific security personnel in the area of ​​interest and how to manage any incident. Security Guards will do the following:

  • They will be watching the CCTV system.
  • Suspects will be closely monitored.
  • They will monitor and control entrances and exits.
  • They will act as a deterrent and their presence will discourage would-be criminals.
  • Their strong security policies will help them take swift action against unusual activities.

We saw some ways to protect your business from theft. At UNITED SECURITY, we ensure that your store is safe and we minimize the chances of vandalism or theft. Contact us for more information.