Security is paramount for any warehouse, whether it is private one or it concerns a Third Party Logistics Services. Here, we look at some ways to ensure you have the best possible security in your warehouse.

Communication: Communication is the key to many aspects of business and security is no exception. Security procedures, regulations, presence and incidents are all things that need to be communicated quickly and consistently. Poor communication could jeopardize the security of your warehouse, as well as reduce the overall efficiency of your business. Therefore, all those reliable means that make communication immediate and effective must be available at all times.

Motion Detectors: Motion detectors will detect when someone is in your warehouse illegally. The sensor will alert the system control panel, which in turn automatically alerts the control center, which operates 24/7.

Scanners and remote technology: Manual product code entry methods are not as effective as computers and scanners. Electronic logs are important for absolute security. Barcode scanners are not only good for preserving logs, but also for managing inventory. Data errors are significantly reduced with the use of scanners and readers, as they eliminate the possibility of human error.

Emergency response plan: All personnel should be informed of evacuation procedures, emergency exits, personnel actions and the location of safety equipment. This plan needs to be reviewed and checked frequently. A sound emergency plan is the key to any business.

CCTV: CCTV cameras are one of the essential ways to maximize security in any area. They can be customized to suit your facilities and monitored either on site or remotely. In addition to dealing with risk in real time, it is also vital to gathering evidence.

Access control: Electronic access control allows and restricts access to your warehouses accordingly. You can integrate an access control system into your risk management plan for much better security. Electronic access control is far superior in performance to the manual lock system and the management of physical keys.

Tests: All security systems and procedures must be checked frequently. This will point out potential vulnerabilities in your security. It is recommended that alarm, access control and CCTV systems be checked weekly.

Security personnel: Frequent – random patrols are a great way to protect storage facilities. Patrols must be carried out inside and outside the premises. Security Guards are trained to look for signs of suspicious activity and respond accordingly. It is also an excellent visual deterrent to would-be criminals.