Parking lots are never quite ready for the dramatic increase in shopper traffic during the holidays. It also seems that the parking lots are getting smaller and the cars are getting bigger! All of these factors can add tension to parking lots. Something as simple as adding trained and experienced security guards can reduce additional stress and eliminate any potential risk. Many malls have provided extra security in their parking lots for the Christmas holiday rush. Major hotels also choose to provide this extra layer of protection for their guests, as holidays can double the number of people on site. Hiring private security guards for the holidays ensures that the holiday spirit will flow smoothly.

Security in Shopping Center Parking Lots

Whether it’s big malls or small malls, retailers are coming together to offer their customers a great shopping experience from start to finish. Since the stress of holiday shopping often begins in the parking lot, having a security presence immediately brings order. Parking lot saturation can be a significant nuisance that requires additional coverage to ensure that passing customers and employees have the necessary access. In today’s climate of rising prices and ongoing product shortages, the upcoming holiday season is sure to bring added stress to consumers, so providing this level of security upon arrival and departure is one way to keep them calm and happy.

Covering a festive event

Because of the last two years (with COVID-19 in the foreground), this is a year when people are expected to celebrate strongly. Hence, larger crowds are expected everywhere! Companies and event planners should carefully plan the security coverage of parking areas during events. Disappointment from the parking experience can spoil the whole thrill of the evening.

Holiday events often involve alcohol and venue security can maintain order and deal with any behavioral issues. Having professional security guards to discreetly handle disruptive situations will allow attendees to have a truly festive experience. At the end of the event, the security guards will act as escorts, ensuring the protection of the departing guests.

The value of security guards in parking lots

Companies know very well that the customer experience begins before entering the premises. The parking lot experience can profoundly affect the overall mood and shopping experience. The movie Fried Green Tomatoes has a well-known, humorous scene depicting an incident in a nightmare parking lot with an angry driver deliberately hitting another car that has taken his place. Although this is a funny scenario in that case, this one in parking lots is not improbable. Holidays can add stress and retailers, malls and companies would be wise to offer a reasonable amount of cover to ensure a pleasant parking experience.

In addition, the presence of security guards prevents theft from cars and passers-by as they return to their vehicles. Often, parking security is mobile, either in a vehicle (to cover a larger area) or on foot. The presence of security guards is a proven preventive measure against crime during the holidays.

Finding the best parking security provider

Finding a high quality safekeeping provider is essential to ensure the highest level of service available. Getting a free quote and understanding the coverages available help make wise decisions. United Security is the #1 parking security provider in the country. If you want excellent coverage for your customers and employees, contact us today to get a security solution tailored to your needs and within your budget.