Mall security is often underestimated. Some large malls may have one or two security guards covering the entire mall. Of course, this decision is up to the mall management, but during summer the malls are undoubtedly crowded and it is good to have extra security guards during business hours.

It is a huge mistake to assume that increased traffic, including many students (due to closed schools), does not require additional security. Malls are places where everyone goes, not only to shop, but to spend some time during the day and stay away from the heat. Unfortunately, shoplifting has become more organized and it is impossible for retailers to carefully monitor all vulnerable merchandise.


Shoplifting happens a lot more often than most people think. The temptation to grab something without paying isn’t something people might just do out of desperation, but it’s now also a trend on social media and an escalating issue for retailers. Clothing is highly sought after by shoplifters, and as the cost of all items continues to rise, it becomes more and more tempting to steal.

It has been reported that shoplifting is at crisis levels and organized shoplifting gangs are increasing the losses experienced by retailers more than ever. A security presence is an effective deterrent against these attempts.

The experienced and qualified men and women who work as security guards have the proper training and law enforcement background. Equipped to handle various scenarios that require intervention, security guards offer exceptional security. Malls that increase their security staff usually prefer uniformed ones because that alone can act as a deterrent to anyone considering shoplifting.

Fights or disturbances that are dealt with immediately by the security guards

Because the mall’s security guards are constantly on the move, if an incident occurs that requires security intervention, they can get to the scene quickly, act professionally and minimize any disruption. One of the key things when handling situations is to approach it calmly and de-escalate the problem. Confrontations may require the arrest of anyone who poses a further threat until law enforcement authorities arrive. The safety of others is vital.

Precautionary measures are always the safest way to ensure an incident-free experience at the mall. It is no longer a surprise that people’s emotional response after the pandemic has become more reactive than appeasing. Anxiety is a trigger for irritation for many people, and they are very likely to show irritation and impatience with the salesperson or other customers. The level of patience has decreased dramatically, while stores still face the challenge of understaffing and they struggle to provide a fast and pleasant customer experience.

Security guards handle emergency situations

The excellent training that the security guards undergo, prepares them for all the emergencies they will face. Crisis-trained and dedicated security guards act quickly in emergency situations and are proactive in identifying areas that may be vulnerable, as well as monitoring mall access points. If an evacuation is necessary, the security guards implement a specific protocol, knowing in advance where the safe areas are and how to calmly direct the crowds.

As malls become crowded with increasing numbers of visitors, hiring a few extra security guards is necessary to keep the mall a safe place during the summer months. Trusted and nationwide established companies like UNITED SECURITY offer highly trained security personnel who can serve on short-term or extended assignments.