A good security guard makes all the difference.

With proper training and the proper execution of what he has been taught, a security guard can prevent unpleasant events from occurring in many situations. It is a turbulent profession, but at the same time exciting.

A security guard must take over his duties seriously and consistently. These tasks range from simply being present to maintaining order and responding to attacks and robberies. He must know what these tasks are and treat all of them with due care.

Some of the main responsibilities of security guards are:

Be visible

An important task of the security guard is to be visible. The presence of an authoritative personality can keep people in order and prevent someone from attempting something illegal or inappropriate.

A good security guard must be both visible and discreet. Placement is important in high traffic areas and creates a sense of security.

Always be vigilant

A security guard must always be well aware of what is happening around him. It requires constant observation of the people around him, but also full vigilance of all the senses. Must be able to e.g. smell combustion or chemical leakage and the direction from which it originates, in order to immediately notify the authorities.

To observe and report

Observation and reporting are two of the biggest responsibilities of security guards. Clear recalling and narration of events allow authorities to respond efficiently.

To act immediately

Staying alert allows you to react immediately and effectively in order to deal with various situations, thus minimizing any further damage.

Another issue that needs to be mentioned is the level of fitness of the security guards. If their physical condition is not good or there are injuries that prevent them from moving fast, anything can happen, from robberies to violence.

Maintaining order

Often, a security guard is present at large gatherings (e.g. cultural or sports events). In volatile situations like these, it is the duty of the security guard to maintain order.

As mentioned earlier, the presence of a security guard will help prevention, but if unforeseen situations arise, they should be able to suppress an unruly gathering with good social skills or physical abilities.

Maintaining order is not as easy as it sounds, especially with large and angry crowds, but having the ability to achieve repression can help prevent large-scale disasters.

Providing assistance to visitors

Many times, a security guard is placed in an office building. This means providing information to visitors about the location of important people of the staff. A good memory allows you to retrieve this information quickly and accurately.

At the same time, however, they must not forget their other responsibilities, such as recognizing potential threats and keeping dangerous people away.

Compliance with policies

Security guards must comply with the policies given to them by their employer regarding the space assigned to them to protect.

Controlling access to restricted areas, banning photography and verifying appointments are some of the tasks assigned to security guards.

Knowledge of safety precautions

Advising people on the necessary safety precautions is a responsibility that must be taken very seriously. Through his experience, the security guard has the insight on how to manage these precautions for mitigating bodily and material damage.

Call for help

A security guard must know when to contact the authorities, as he is not sufficiently equipped to handle an escalating situation.

If a serious injury occurs, he should contact medical emergencies immediately. Calling the right authorities quickly is the best way to deal with a dangerous situation and can ultimately save lives.

The duties of security guards when done correctly save lives

Good security guards must perform the above tasks effortlessly. No responsibility should be overlooked, even the seemingly simplest. The above are some of the main tasks of security guards, but there are many other issues that need to be considered.

At UNITED SECURITY we take care of the continuous training and update of our security guards and we emphasize on the consistency and vigilance of all our staff.