Effective security guards have a specific set of skills that help them excel in their careers and ensure that the property they protect remains safe. Here are the top six skills that security professionals need to have if they want to stand out and give their best.

To be alert

The job of a security guard is mainly about staying alert during his working hours. A person who does not stay alert throughout his shift will certainly not become a good security professional. There are chances of making mistakes that can prove costly for the security company and the client business.

To be honest

Your security professional should be honest as he will have access to some of the most important areas of the company.

Honesty is an essential criterion for security guards. During their work, there will be many incidents that will test their sincerity. There will be many opportunities in which security guards will have to prove their loyalty and honesty to the business owners they have been assigned to protect.

Physically healthy

Fitness is also something you cannot compromise if you want to become a good security officer. A security guard must confront, chase, and even immobilize would-be criminals to avoid harm to people and property. This requires physical strength and endurance.


A good security guard is always able to effectively communicate all the necessary information and inform the authorities immediately. Clear and practical communication skills are essential for security professionals to deal effectively with potential crimes.

A belated or vague message will not allow those who need to understand the situation to act effectively. Communication is therefore a vital capability for a security guard to minimize the potential for security breaches and to provide timely action to mitigate, prevent and address criminal incidents.

Customer service needs

Security guards interact directly with the public and customers of a business and thus take care of their needs and requirements. They must therefore be respectful, patient and cooperative with the company’s customers in order to maintain a positive relationship with them.

Security guards should be pleasant when customers request information on the location, availability of certain facilities, products and services. If they cannot help them immediately, referring them to the right person will be the next best thing to ensure customer satisfaction.

Team member and/or leader

Security guards must be able to act on their own and perform in the best possible way and at the same time be excellent team leaders. Security professionals may encounter both of these situations in the course of their work. They may need to change from a team player to a leader all of a sudden in certain emergencies. The ability to lead a team when needed and to take initiative when needed is vital.

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