It is clear that security guards can help reduce disturbances and neutralize unpleasant situations, while reducing the likelihood of criminal activity and accidents. However, people cannot be omnipresent or always in the right place at the right time. When you combine manned guarding with the power of today’s technology, the results are incomparable.

Advances in technology solutions for the security industry have had a positive impact on businesses, customers and employees – in more ways than one. The technology products and solutions provided are the most efficient and fastest way to make manned protection more effective, especially in locations with large perimeters and / or multiple entry and exit points, such as gates, doors, windows, loading ramps, etc.

Faster response time and lower cost

Using security companies in conjunction with the latest technology solutions will help improve the transmission of information about potential threats. By investing in new systems and technology platforms, companies can improve the efficiency of their manned guarding by providing more accurate information on an issue, allowing faster response times and providing a more secure environment for their employees.

Security technology helps to provide reliable perimeter detection, immediate and reliable remote visual verification, effective remote prevention capabilities to avoid threats, and to provide the right tools for status awareness and effective monitoring and management. State-of-the-art technological solutions can provide detection verification and enable remote response with reliability and low acquisition costs.

Here are four effective technological solutions combined with manned security services for your optimal security:

Video Analytics

Video content analytics (VCA), which provides automatic video analysis. They start with motion and sound detection and reach more advanced systems, such as camera intrusion detection, people counting and more.

Using thousands of hours of footage covering a variety of environmental, seasonal and temporal variations, analytics can achieve low false alarm rates while maintaining high detection reliability and adding simple “area of ​​interest” configurations for sites that need a higher level. Whether you are monitoring a yard or setting up a virtual fence around a supply depot, technology solutions can deliver 24-hour performance quickly and efficiently. Look for systems that provide remote access via mobile devices or run through a Central Monitoring Station (CMS), but also have analytics that can be easily created to measure the security performance of a particular facility based on benchmarks and performance indicators.

PIR detectors

Passive Infrared Response Detectors (PIRs) generate real (not false) alarms – with high detection reliability. PIR detectors help protect areas with a large perimeter due to their high precision range. In fact, PIR detectors are able to detect human targets by detecting temperature differences over distances of more than 200 meters. These types of detectors are customizable and available in a variety of models to deal with possible intrusions of various perimeters, allowing security guards to solve any problem quickly and accurately.

Multi-Service Gateways

Multi-service gateways can transmit, record and VCA in a single unit for easier management of multiple remote locations while improving security efficiency. These solutions should provide remote visual verification as well as real-time information from whatever is happening. Rapid evaluation of video alarm images allows responders to quickly identify the cause of the alarm, optimizing real-time intervention while reducing false alarms.

Mobile applications

Today, the average citizen can get access to mobile monitoring applications to see inside their home directly from their smartphone. Similar mobile applications are now available for business situation awareness purposes. Businesses can now have applications that provide remote event notification and verification for first responders. This technology helps security guards reduce risk and response time, while allowing end users to verify an event.

Double-knock functionality

Smart PIRs point to each other and are connected to each other via an intrusion control panel or control station. Cross-zones create additional sub-zones, which can be used to accurately locate the alarm and then have visual contact via a camera. This leads to fewer false alarms, caused by wildlife or other environmental reasons. In addition, optimized digital zooms can be used by analytical video functions of remote multi-service gateway systems for verification and “triple knock” functionality by an operator in an alarm reception center (ARC).

It is now a given that all the above systems in combination with properly trained security guards, not only improve security and threat detection, but also improve the efficiency required to protect a business at all levels. In UNITED SECURITY we always adopt the new technologies, we take care to be constantly informed about any new advances and we are always able to guide our customers in finding the most reliable and cost effective solution for their business.