The global market for manned guarding services is expected to reach $ 228.6 billion by 2025, due to rising crime rates and possibly a lack of human resources in police and justice that would provide full protection to all locations of each country. Other factors that are also responsible for encouraging this growth include the numerical growth of large shopping malls and luxury hotels, the increased security needs of individuals and businesses of high value, the higher risk of theft, kidnapping and extortion of very important persons. and the consequent requirement for bodyguards and finally, the increase in crimes related to private infrastructure. In developing countries, higher cash supply volumes are driving growing demand for manned security in banks and general financial institutions. Manned guarding is carried out by security personnel who have been specially trained to protect people and property by preventing crime, illegal entry and assault. Manned security services effectively respond to all of the above security needs of their customers and provide numerous benefits to organizations.

Security personnel protects responsibly and with defined responsibilities, through an extremely visible presence, while avoiding any inappropriate and illegal activities. Security Guards specialize in static guarding or patrol and make use of advanced technology, such as video surveillance cameras and intrusion alarm systems. Security professionals are trained to monitor and be alert for signs of disturbance, fire or other natural disaster and possible crime. Manned Guarding plays an important role in making employees feel safer and more productive. Security Guards are employed by organizations in all sectors worldwide, such as: schools, colleges, airports, casinos, concert venues, apartments, fenced communities, retail stores, construction sites, hotels, nightclubs, embassies and more. The wider availability of reliable security services from established providers also increases the market’s prospects.

InUnited Security, we are already providing a new level of reliability and discipline to our manned vertical security services, while developing our services in new geographical areas on an ongoing basis, thus increasing our overall prospects.

The market prospects for manned security services remain progressively growing, amid rising business activity, a relatively stable industrial production and supply chain scenario, increasing investment in hospitality and leisure facilities and an emphasis on securing public and private sector institutions, including academic and research bodies. The continuing impetus of urbanization and the consequent creation of assets is another important factor that is destined to lead to the increase of the growth of this market.