Advantages of manned security services

Read five significant benefits of manned security services for your business.

Guards act as a powerful deterrent.

If you compare a guard with a CCTV camera, the security guard could act as a more powerful deterrent than the camera, e.g. the camera can have a blind spot, while the person can go there to explore. Also, in terms of security guards, in addition to being able to respond quickly to any real-time theft issues, their training could allow them to identify potentially annoying situations and take appropriate precautionary measures.
Indeed, while a CCTV camera could possibly help arrest thieves (if the camera records the theft taking place), a professional security guard could not only act as a deterrent, but in case anything is stolen, the guard will take the appropriate actions. This could potentially reduce your business losses from theft.

Trained guards can respond to a variety of different situations.

Technological security equipment, such as CCTV, can be a very useful tool for security when it comes to issues such as theft. However, trained security guards can respond to a wide variety of different issues. For example, a security guard may respond to situations such as fire or flooding. In addition, a CCTV camera may be able to record visual images, however, if you have a guard on-the-spot, he will be able to respond to suspicious noises as well.

Security guards can also prevent unauthorized access to your site or facility. People are looking for unauthorized entry into businesses for many reasons, e.g. for stealing valuables or for vandalizing property.

With a security guard, it is much more difficult for unauthorized individuals to enter your business premises, helping to protect your business from theft, damage and other illegal activities.

Security guards are a calming presence to visitors / customers.

Some people may feel uncomfortable in an area with multiple CCTV cameras, but being welcomed by a friendly security guard makes them feel more comfortable. In addition, friendly security guards can provide advice to visitors / customers visiting your facility, providing them with instructions and information on the most effective way to move around the building.

The guards allow the employees of the company to focus on their duties.

Indeed, it is not just customers and visitors who may feel comfortable in the presence of a trained security guard. Your staff can focus on their tasks and relax knowing that reliable and professional security guards are on the scene in the event of an attempted theft or other criminal activity.

In United Security, security guards are selected specifically for your business, with the special needs that characterize it.

This takes into account the individual characteristics of each member of our security staff, in order to better meet the security requirements of your business. In addition, special training is provided before any project begins, so that our staff members can work closely with your people and become members of your team.

Manned security services: Provide you with peace of mind.

A professional security service offers your business peace of mind. Indeed, while many security systems can record theft that has occurred or alert you to theft that is currently occurring, a professional security guard can use his skills and training to act as a deterrent, while also helping in other issues such as protecting your property from vandalism, avoiding fire, provide friendly reception, etc.