Corporate security is extremely important to protect your assets and personnel. If you want to know how to protect your business from potential risks, e.g. burglaries, you are in the right place. From very easy access to business premises to valuables that are visible and attract the attention of opportunists.

Access to the facilities is very easy

Ensuring your premises are protected is a simple but often overlooked aspect of business security. An opportunistic burglar will have a much easier task if doors, windows and other access points are unlocked and unsecured. For added security, consider investing in window shutters, steel door bolts, and other security methods that will make access and entry points more robust and therefore secure. These will act as a deterrent to would-be thieves as they will immediately see that your business takes security seriously.

Valuable goods are visible

The smaller your spaces and the more valuables you have, the more difficult it is to store them out of sight. However, whenever possible, it is always best to keep valuables out of the direct view of a potential thief. Doing this will greatly reduce the chance of an attack by an opportunistic thief, as the hope that there are valuables on the premises is a far greater risk to them than directly knowing they are there.

Giving burglars good hiding places

Consider this: if you were a burglar and there were two identical businesses next to each other you would:

  • Attack the business that looks dark where you might be able to sneak in without being seen?
  • Or will you attack the business that looks well lit and is clearly visible from the street?

Most likely you would choose the dark business. Because burglars don’t want to be seen.

The same logic should be applied to your own business. Make sure your building is well lit and trees or plants do not overshadow the building.

Another easy way to deter burglars, especially if your business is in a remote location, is to install CCTV and have it monitored 24/7 so no one can get in unnoticed.

Having weak passwords

Although we’ve only discussed corporate security issues related to physical breaches so far, it’s important to never underestimate the possibility of a cyberattack on your business, where a hacker can steal confidential data and documents. This type of attack is becoming more and more likely as technology in general becomes more and more advanced.

A simple to solve, but common security issue in many businesses is the issue of weak passwords. Weak passwords can be anything from something extremely simple and generic like ‘abc123’ to something specific but easy to guess like your last name or date of birth. When choosing a strong password, avoid anything that would be easy to guess and try to include a range of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols – this will make your passwords much harder to guess and greatly reduce the chance cyber attack.

Disgruntled Former Employees

It is very important for businesses to never underestimate a disgruntled ex-employee. Many businesses do not remove access rights, change passwords, door codes, etc. when an employee leaves the company. From a security perspective, this immediately leaves you vulnerable to a variety of attacks, including a physical break-in as well as a cyber attack. They will likely know your business inside out and especially if they worked in IT, they will almost certainly know how and where to access confidential information and files. To avoid this, ensure that there is a company protocol for removing former employees’ access to all systems, and that any shared passwords and physical access codes have been changed.

There are many ways to ensure enterprise security and must be a priority in your business, avoiding common issues listed above. If you want help on how to make your business more secure, contact us today.