In today’s world, the human mind perceives an image according to the perceptions of the social and cultural environment in which it finds itself. Here are the most common misconceptions about security guards and their essential role.

Manned security services cost a lot

This misconception stems from the idea that only rich and powerful people or large organizations can hire security guards from security companies. But the truth is that security guards are not so expensive, especially when you consider the benefits of their existence. The really costly thing is burglary, shoplifting, vandalism and harassment in the workplace.

Security guards are only useful for dealing with crime and are not needed in low-risk places

The reality is that security guards perform many other services besides crime prevention and security services. It depends on where they work. For example, in a hospital, security guards may need to help patients and the elderly in various places, in hotels they can help guests with their room numbers and luggage and sometimes, they will assist the receptionist overnight.

Security guards must be “built” like bodybuilders

This funny misconception is the result of movies where big guys sometimes appear as security guards or bodyguards. But in reality, the security guards are evaluated based on their observation skills and not on their physique. Security guards must be careful and detect anything inappropriate or abnormal. They also need to make sure that everything is in place and that nothing is out of order. At UNITED SECURITY we provide the appropriate training to our security guards in order for them to develop and improve these skills.

Security guards do not have the proper training (like the police)

We do not know the root of this offensive misunderstanding, but it is far from the truth. Security guards must undergo rigorous training and be certified and licensed to work for security companies. They are trained to control situations, how to react to tensions, how to provide first aid, how to communicate in case of emergency, etc. Then, they have to take exams to obtain certification. Their criminal record is checked and they undergo medical examinations.

Security guards do nothing substantial and just exist for formal reasons in some places that do not seem to be as high risk

Crimes do not happen every day in the same place and they happen even less often in places where there are security guards. The security guards are always on alert, even in places that seem to be completely quiet and peaceful. In any case, if you do not see any action and nothing exciting is happening, you should ask the universe to stay that way.