The best and most reliable manned security service providers pride themselves on the high quality of personnel they can offer their clients, which is largely due to the value they place on the men and women who choose this career, as well as on their expectations on highest standards. Some providers tend to overlook the aspect of personal relationship and meaningful customer service. UNITED SECURITY has found the balance between professional services and meaningful relationships with its customers and security guards.

What are the indicators of an excellent security service provider?

As people look for the best coverage for their budget, knowing what to look for is extremely important and helpful. One indicator is the length of employment, which includes both security guards working for the company and customers who continue or extend their initial contract.

The average duration of a long-term assignment is two years. A sign of a good working relationship is the coherence of the relations between security guards, client and provider, which is shown by exceeding the average duration of contracts. If customers return to the same provider with each new unique security need, this is evidence of a relationship of trust, knowing that the quality of the security guards in place is consistently excellent.

Ability to respond to difficult security missions

In addition to common assignments, sometimes the type of coverage, location, or venue is something that has not been previously requested. In this case, an experienced security coordinator with years of experience knows how to find the best solution for what is needed and always within the client’s budget. Only highly skilled security guards are capable of handling any incident, applying their masterful training and experience to provide safety and protection. When calling for a quote request, the best thing to do is to be as open as possible with the coordinator – this allows for an accurate cost estimate and ensures that all of your needs are met. Only confident and skilled security guards can offer this next level service.

In emergency situations, this level of training and experience can make the difference between successfully dealing with a crisis and a catastrophic one. Security guards should be aware of any suspicious behaviour or any evolving threats that need to be addressed.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Consistency is the key to success. Security companies that consistently send high quality security guards for every job should be recognized for their continuous efforts to provide excellent service, security and protection. Not only should every security guard be consistent, but every security team should also be consistent so clients know they have fully qualified staff to serve that role without a doubt.

Customers deserve consistently good service, enjoying peace of mind and rest, knowing someone is designated to act in an emergency and monitor and manage potential risks.

So, while there are many security service providers out there, they are not all equal in how they treat their security personnel, how they value their customer relationships, and their ability to consistently provide excellent security coverage. Reading testimonials or calling to speak with a security coordinator can tell you a lot about the level of service that can be expected.

Great providers will guide customers through several coverage options, according to their budget. Security shouldn’t be cut short due to budget constraints, so find a provider that appreciates your individual needs and works diligently to find the right solution for you. Security must be a priority and must be provided by security guards who will serve each role uniquely.