Construction sites top the list when it comes to crime targets. Heavy equipment and expensive materials that disappear from a construction site can completely destroy project managers and site owners. Construction sites remain vulnerable to criminal activity without daytime access control and after-hours site monitoring. The solution of hiring top security services is a one-way street.

Compensation for theft in construction projects is around 20%, which means that most losses come from insurance claims. However, delay can cost millions and push a project well past the contractual completion date. Between vandalism and theft, the loss from the construction sites is estimated to be between 400 million and one billion euros.

Highly trained security guards with relevant background and training can masterly handle difficult situations and work on long-term and short-term missions. The specifics are unique to each location based on the needs of each construction site, which determine the coverage required.


Working closely with a professional security coordinator allows site managers to share the specifics of their site and work together to find the best security solution that won’t exceed their budget. The most skilled professionals treat small and large sites with equal diligence to protect schedules, assets, as well as the bottom line.

Special construction site safety needs

Investing in their security details, construction site managers will save money and they will be helped to meet schedules and complete the project on time. No matter the size of the project, construction sites must be alert for potential trespassers. Some criminals try to disguise themselves as someone who belongs there. Others may be actual employees with knowledge of the value of materials entering the site. The security guards know the workers and can identify them. They are also trained to recognize suspicious behaviour early and address it before it becomes a problem.

24-hour coverage for continuous security coverage

After-hours security coverage is critical when equipment and materials are on site. It’s amazing how much construction equipment is stolen from construction sites and never found. Without security guards, criminals enter construction sites unmolested during the night and leave with expensive construction equipment in their possession.

Security Guards minimize threats on open construction sites

Arguably, taking a proactive approach when planning the protection of a construction site is the wisest thing that construction managers can do to ensure a timely project completion. A construction company’s most recent project is usually its outward testimony, so on-time and on-budget project completion means future business opportunities.

Our high-level security guards are carefully vetted to offer our customers the best security coverage. Trained and experienced men and women provide excellent protection on every construction site. United Security has a wealth of highly skilled individuals with a history of working with construction clients. Getting a free financial quote for your construction site will be instant. Contact us for peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your construction site and configuring your project with complete success.