Manned security services is the act of protecting people from moral and bodily harm, securing property from unauthorized access and preventing the theft of property.

Considering the above, it would be negligent for a business owner not to ensure the highest level of security for employees, their facilities and belongings.

This is exactly where security companies play a vital role, enhancing the calmness of staff, ensuring security 24 hours a day, protecting against potential damage and preventing the risk of theft.

The advantages of manned guarding

The physical presence of a security guard on the ground can effectively reduce the risk of damage to your business premises and the theft of your assets, while ensuring your employees remain intact and safe.

You will certainly benefit from the advantages of manned guarding services, whether you are in the retail sector and you need security personnel to protect your stock, or you are a leisure facility looking for security to keep guests comfortable, or you are any organization whose daily operation poses risks to people and goods.

The myths of manned guarding

With so many manned guarding myths circulating in the business world, we believe that now would be a good opportunity to uncover these myths by shedding light on issues such as possible shoplifting, CCTV technology and unreliable staff.

What is the most common type of business theft?

Loss of inventory is the most common cause of theft for commercial businesses. The 2019 retail crime investigation (in England only!) revealed that the total cost of customer theft that affected the industry in 2018-2019 was 438 million, while the total cost of staff theft was 13 million.

Nevertheless, in many industries, employees steal more than potential shop-lifters. This is a crucial issue for managing your business, as it protects you from major stock loss.

Are CCTV developments changing the future of security personnel?

Installing an intrusion alarm system or some CCTV cameras is generally a cheap security measure compared to getting manned security services, but that does not mean it can change the future and importance of manned security. This is confirmed by the fact that many companies that have appointed manned guarding services, have done so after finding that CCTV or any other security system alone is not effective.

Technological advances in CCTV may mean better coverage, but the presence of security personnel on the ground is still the preferred method, as it acts as a visible deterrent for the protection of premises and personnel.

Is the quality of services differing?

The quality of services depends on the company you choose to hire. If you choose an experienced and reliable security service provider, you will receive a high quality, professional and effective service from trained and dedicated security guards.

A remarkable investment

When you consider that the cost of manned guarding services is far less than the potential cost of losing stock or a potential damage in your facility, there is no doubt that it is a worthwhile investment.

It makes sense that as a business you want to save money wherever you can, but when you consider a factor as important as security, choosing cheap and unreliable measures certainly has no place.

At UNITED SECURITY we constantly strive to provide reliable manned security services with ethics, professionalism and integrity.