If you’ve entered a gated facility, you’ve likely interacted with someone in a booth at the entrance. These security booths can be either fixed (permanent) or portable. However, it is undeniable that their presence creates a clear stopping point and lets visitors know immediately that someone is keeping an eye on things. Therefore, do security booths increase the effectiveness of security guards? While they are undoubtedly useful for full-time security personnel, their effectiveness depends on the quality and experience of the security personnel employed. UNITED SECURITY makes every effort to ensure that clients have fully qualified and trained personnel.

Advantages of security booths

There are obvious advantages to having a security booth in certain places. When security personnel have a robust location to work from, it sends a clear message of investment in security. Security guards may sit in the lobby or roam without a designated area, however, having a place specifically for security personnel sends a message to everybody that order will be maintained and that there is a designated place for assistance in case of emergency.

Residential communities, office parks and construction sites often have security guards to keep intruders out. Some security shifts span several hours and it is very important to have a base where security guards can sit for a few minutes. Security booths also provide consistent weather protection all year round. Finally, mobile protective sheds can be moved by forklift to various locations depending on each customer’s unique needs.

Properly trained security guards work well with or without a booth

The specialized security personnel have such extensive training and background that they can provide excellent security regardless of the presence of a guard booth. Customers looking for protection for their home or business needs can have security guards for short-term or long-term assignments. Sometimes, clients are not sure what they need and what options are available that fit their budget. UNITED SECURITY can obtain all relevant information, guide you to options that fit your budget, and continue communication throughout the contract ensuring your unique security needs are met.

Mobile security guards benefit from a designated space or area

Of course, it largely depends on the needs of security personnel, but mobile units working long shifts may benefit from a check-in location. This could be a booth or an office or a designated area, where they can start and end their day at work. Again, this point also lets people know where to go when they need help or in an emergency.

Having security personnel in patrol is critical and provides flexibility throughout the year. As security needs evolve, a shed offers a stable location for security personnel to work from and take shelter in varying weather conditions.

Communication is key between security personnel and clients

One of the most critical things a professional security coordinator will emphasize during the bidding process is transparent and open communication about the client’s needs. Many clients may not know all the necessary things to report when hiring private insurance. An experienced coordinator will make sure that when the security guard arrives at work, he knows exactly what is expected and that the process will run smoothly. Highly skilled security guards and industry experts can be assigned to ensure familiarity with industry specific security needs and threats.

Once security personnel have arrived, ongoing communications to raise awareness of changing needs and address identified vulnerabilities should be shared with the coordinator to ensure appropriate security is provided. The security personnel coordinator is the ally and mediator between the customer and the security personnel.

Obviously, not all clients who want exceptional security for an event, business or residential community can afford a security booth. However, mobile security sheds are a great solution that can be easily moved to meet changing needs throughout the year. Although booths and portable security sheds do not provide better security on their own, they can assist security personnel in many situations while providing a fixed visual location that acts as a deterrent to would-be offenders.