The oil and gas industry plays an important role in the thriving global economy. They remain the main source of energy in both developed and developing countries. Unsurprisingly, the oil and gas industry is the most attractive target for growing global terrorism and piracy. The threat of theft and sabotage attacks lurks throughout the oil and gas industry’s supply chain. The main problem seems to be in the transfer process.

Attacks like these in the Somali seas on one of the tankers could increase the cost of transporting oil and lead to higher end-user prices. Any significant act of sabotage at refineries or offshore platforms will result in the complete cessation or loss of production of the final product.

The entire supply chain in the oil and gas industry, from sources, refineries and pipelines to tankers, can be disrupted by the following security threats.

  • Piracy
  • Terrorism
  • Vandalism
  • Internal sabotage
  • Rebellion
  • Organized crime
  • Political protest
  • Transnational hostilities

Therefore, this industry needs a specialized and sophisticated approach to security needs and we at UNITED SECURITY are experienced and fully equipped to provide effective security services.

Threat and risk analysis

The facilities of these companies require an in-depth risk analysis to mark the limits, assess potential threats, develop mitigation strategies, assess the consequences, and draw up prevention and recovery plans.

Professional security companies specialize in the application of threat and risk analysis findings depending on the type of threats faced by this offshore company. This plan also includes knowledge of the different threat groups, intentions, targets, offshore capabilities, past attacks, possible offshore interventions and possible future actions.

Threat and risk analysis allows security experts to create a higher level of security to form a rapid response force for any potential threats to the installation.

Experienced Security Staff

Hiring experienced and specialized security guards is the best way to protect any kind of business and to ensure that your activities have a smooth flow.

Make sure your security teams develop a well-integrated security plan that works closely with the cybersecurity department to ensure that databases and networks are properly secured. This integration will ensure that data and business information are secure inside and out.

Your security staff will ensure that no unauthorized person will gain access to any business information or evaluate confidential information that may be detrimental to the company’s progress and functionality.

Importance of the latest surveillance technologies

The security of the oil and gas industry, from the back-end of processing to the front-end of distribution and supply, is considered a primary concern for all parties involved. Precautions may not eliminate the dangers, threats and unpleasant events, but they will certainly reduce their frequency. An effective security system will have lower losses in money, time and functionality. Therefore, an effective security plan that is properly designed and implemented will reduce losses and the overall burden of increased prices to the end user.

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