Unlike a standard courier service that relies solely on speed and consistency for product delivery, a security courier specializes in moving goods that are either of high value, confidential, or in need of protection. This may include items such as important documents or high value assets, works of art, jewelry and cash. In fact, any item or product that would not be possible to ship in any other way can be shipped through the security courier service.

Not just goods. A security courier service may not always deal exclusively with high value or important items or goods, but may also deal with secure VIP transportation from one place to another. This may include government officials, celebrities or senior executives and business owners. In fact you could say anything or anyone who needs security and safety along the way.

So how do security courier services work?

As with standard courier services, a security courier will be responsible for the safe and timely delivery of the package, item or person. However, in addition to timely and safe arrival, the responsibility of the security courier (as the title suggests) is the safety of these items on the way. Being valuable and / or attractive, they need specialized care and attention and this is where security courier services have their place. First of all, couriers are trained in security, so they are professional security guards. Second, they will be much more interested in how to get from point A to point B in the safest and least obvious way, without drawing any unwanted attention to themselves or their cargo. This includes aspects such as route planning, communications, vigilance, etc.

The nature of the work may require them to travel long and short distances by a variety of means of transport and the work is completed only when objects, goods or people are delivered safely.

Here at United Security we have been active in the security industry for many years. In addition to providing security guards, we also provide high quality security courier services to individuals and businesses. Why not contact us and see how we can help you.