Unsurprisingly, security guards are often called upon to testify in court cases. Security guards have a good articulation and structured speech when describing an event or incident, providing clarity to lawyers, jurors and judges. Johnny Depp’s security guard was no exception when he testified about a quarrel between Mr. Depp and Mrs. Herd. Bodyguards and security guards are highly regarded for their accuracy and fact-based testimony. The professional training of security guards remains a stable and reliable source in many hearings.

The need for Security Guards

Although many believe that private security guards are only needed to provide security for the rich and famous or anyone in the media spotlight, their presence is far more common than one might think. Companies often hire security guards for senior executives and board members. Of course, in politics, not only those in the forefront, but also many executives of the past hold top-secret information and need protection. Travelers can hire security guards to ensure their safety while abroad. Vehicle escort services for high profile customers are another common need. Clearly, there are multiple needs for private guards. What is vital is that you hire only the most qualified people who have been trained to the highest standards in the industry.

Specially customized service

It’s more complicated than it sounds at first glance when you decide to take out private security. All the details must be covered in order for the service to be adapted to your needs. Working with an experienced security coordinator makes everything easier, so you need to find a provider that offers detailed explanations of the different options available according to your needs and budget. Security Guards have combat and threat management training with / or without a firearm and are effective in any situation.

The dressing style is another decision that many do not think about when hiring private security. Depending on the type of event or personal coverage required, customers may prefer security guards in civilian clothes rather than uniforms. A uniform often gives a tone of power and order, but some scenarios require more subtle coverage so as not to draw extra attention. An example is the guard who testified in the case of Johnny Depp. The Security Guard wore civilian clothes and acted as Depp’s bodyguard and bodyguard.

Private security of Special Appearance or High-Profile Events

Nothing is more annoying than unexpected crowd gatherings for a special appearance or event. As many event coordinators are prepared for the expected crowds, they often opt for the extra security detail. However, a special guest at an event can have unexpected popularity and attract large crowds. After the pandemic, people are on fire to go out, meet, greet people and live life!

Security Guards are trained to perform a pre-assessment on arrival, identifying any areas that could be vulnerable. Highly trained in threat detection skills, security guards prevent many harmful, dangerous and annoying things from happening.