Building security with the presence of security guards is highly necessary for the protection of banks, hospitals, schools, businesses and other important facilities. High level security guards protect not only property but also people. The first line of defence against various criminal activities is the private security detail.

Whether you’re moving money from a building to an armoured vehicle, or needing to monitor potential access and potentially suspicious behaviour, highly trained security guards provide the protection businesses need. When security guards are on site, the perimeter of the building and the entrance and reception areas are completely secure. Security guards can also escort assets from one location to another, which is the only way to reliably prevent theft.

Security guards adeptly spot the suspicious activity of criminals planning to take advantage of a situation. Without security guards, criminals are more likely to carry out their plans and get away. The best security guards are experienced and properly trained to handle many different threat scenarios.

Who is hiring?


Large businesses usually hire private security to closely monitor access and prevent crime. Even when an expensive and sophisticated security system is in place, surveillance equipment is only useful after the crime. A live security detail prevents many crimes from happening. Security guards monitor access to entrances to floors and/or restricted areas. Employees cannot effectively monitor every person entering and exiting a building, but a security guard is skilled at doing so. An experienced security guard is the first line of defence against unwanted access.


Recognizable people often have private security with them when out and about. People in any high position, people with social media popularity, a political office, executives of organizations and those recognized by their presence on screen or stage. In recent years there has been an increase in aggressive behaviour at public events. The existence of private security guards offers peace of mind. Experienced and trained security guards are the first line of defence against unwanted contact and harassment of those in the spotlight.

The safest cities

Some people may claim that their city is safe enough (with low crime rates) and that security is unnecessary. However, either in a workplace or at a special event that is well attended there may be would-be criminals lurking to act. That is why businesses (regardless of region) always have security guards for all their daily activities, but also for special events.

UNITED SECURITY is the first security service provider that businesses call when they want to achieve the highest level of security for their people and assets. Highly trained security guards put themselves in harm’s way to protect our customers. Our security personnel never stop training, ensuring they are constantly updated on crime threats and trends. Excellent security services are one step ahead of criminals. In medical emergencies, security guard training allows them to confidently lead and perform life-saving actions until emergency services arrive. High level security guards are focused, professional and save lives.

Emergency protocol on arrival

Established security companies recognize that upon starting a new partnership, they must immediately conduct a risk assessment and work with the client to address any security concerns. These concerns may be outdated or defective safety equipment, access points that do not close properly, unsafe use of objects to prop open access doors, etc. If a security risk is not fixed quickly, security guards are alert to the vulnerability, preventing many potential crimes.

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