It is not easy to start working as a security guard, especially because it means that in some cases you risk your life to save other people’s lives. The stories of some Security Guards have been in the spotlight for decades because of their inspired heroism stories, which have made people believe in real superheroes.

A Security Guard is designated by an organization to protect assets and people from imminent danger, imposing precautionary measures for this purpose. They are usually in uniform to indicate the presence of a legitimate private authority guarding a private site. Security Guards are stepping up their presence in designated areas to prevent illegal criminal activity, patrolling and monitoring, monitoring cameras for any irregularities, and taking steps to prevent crime or minimize damage to life and property.

In the early 1800s, there were no established law enforcement agencies or federal authorities to prosecute illegalities on land lines. They were also inadequately equipped to hunt down criminals fleeing the state or country. The “Vigiles Urbani” guarding the city of Rome are said to have been the beginning of the “security personnel”. The Security Guards industry as we know it today was established in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton with the founding of the Chicago-based National Detective Agency Pinkerton. Pinkerton’s business quickly became one of the largest and most important security organizations. The main customers of the company were the railway companies, which were usually victims of scammers who rob passengers and freight trains.

The security guards had a more integrated role besides the private policing which includes: crime investigation, guarding of railway missions, providing security advice to businessmen who were often victims of illegal criminals. The actual beginning of the security industry began in 1915, when the state of California began to provide the first “licenses” of private security guards under the management of the State Board. This regulation was created by the growing number of private security services that began to appear in California and in the United States in general.

It is the duty of a security guard to abide by the law in detecting and preventing crime. The majority of security services worldwide practice the motto: “detection, deterrence, observation and reporting”. Security training has also evolved over time and the qualification requirements for potential security personnel have increased. The highly trained Security Guards are also employed as bodyguards.

Different requirements apply to the licensing of Security Guards depending on the respective National Legislation. In any case, security personnel are required to undergo a history and training check at different levels before being given the relevant accreditation and license to practice.