Any business (small or medium) can become a victim of illegal activity. Using the services of a reputable, licensed security organization can help offset the risk of loss and ensure public safety. But how does a small business know when to hire such a company? What are the signs that indicate the need for protection?

Security Issues

If you think you have one or two security issues, in reality, you probably have dozens. Having someone dedicated to security, knowing what to look for, being able to distinguish what is safe and unsafe and what needs improvement, is very helpful and effective.

Security in the parking lots

Employees or visitors may feel unsafe walking to their car at night, especially when the parking lot is poorly lit. Unattended parking lots can be a breeding ground for vandalism, theft and smuggling. When a security guard patrols a parking lot he can ensure the safety of people and property.

Possible stock theft

On a global scale, retail stores lose several billion Euros per year (on average), with the largest proportion of this figure coming from internal theft. Therefore, every retail store will benefit from the presence of a security guard. A well-trained, licensed security guard will take steps to reduce theft and reduce inventory shrinkage, saving the business money.

High crime area

Businesses located in areas of high risk and delinquency, impose the need for the presence of one or more Security Guards. High crime does not necessarily happen in a bad neighborhood. It could, for example, include a warehouse located in a sparsely populated or rural area.

Crowded transit

Businesses that have a lot of people entering and exiting a building can use security guards to monitor the passage, check people in and out of the premises and distribute the corresponding IDs / tags recording their details.

The presence of a professional and courteous security guard puts the public at ease and creates a safer environment that criminals will be less inclined to target. It also sends a message that you care about public safety and are taking steps to protect your customers or visitors.

Civil liability issues

If a business has experienced losses from workers’ comp or liability contracts, the insurance company may require an action plan that includes the services of a security company. Implementing such a plan can also lead to lower premiums.

Security plan

Security guards can help create an effective company security plan. Industrial or construction companies often have a safety officer. In smaller businesses, this person is usually a supervisor who prioritizes the performance of their duties over addressing security issues. In such cases, an experienced security guard can serve in the role of security officer, attend security meetings or chair the security committee.

Cases of emergency

Security guards are trained to handle a wide range of emergency situations. They are always present and act quickly, responsibly and logically according to the situation.

Event log

Security guards undertake record keeping of daily security related activities. For example, if a door does not lock properly, the security guard will record this. In addition, the security guard can serve as an objective third party in the event that an employee faces charges of illegal activity.

For all the above reasons it is a smart decision to have well trained and licensed security guards from United Security in order to protect your business from any kind of possible danger.