Parking lots are one of the most important places in which you must maintain adequate and proper security, as there are valuable assets, such as some expensive cars, but also valuables in them. Therefore, parking lots need the highest safety standards.

When people park their cars in organized parking lots, they do so because they fully believe in the security system of the area. Parking lots are one of the most dangerous places to be enter the night, as there is a high chance of theft and assault. Just as the offices of a business need security services, so parking lots are prone to crime and appropriate security measures are required.

One of the most important ways to protect your car park is to hire professional security guards from a reputable manned security service provider. See how you can protect commercial parking lots by taking appropriate action.


Technology has made human life generally easier. Therefore, by using the technology, you can strengthen the security system of your parking lot. Technologies such as surveillance cameras will help security guards monitor the entire installation from a central location.

In the event of a crime, surveillance cameras will help security guards locate the perpetrators. A complete monitoring system is necessary for commercial parking lots, as they usually have multiple levels and several “blind” spots. With the CCTV system at your disposal, all you need is competent and alert security staff to monitor the entire installation from the control room.

In most businesses, the control room is located somewhere near the front area, so that security guards can also monitor entry and exit points simultaneously. In case of theft, assault or vandalism, surveillance and recordings, will help the Police in locating the perpetrators or suspects, as well as in the evidence for their arrest. Attacks, for example, are more easily proven when there is recorded incident material with timestamps. There are certified security companies that provide trained security personnel to properly monitor the area through CCTV systems.

The importance of Security Personnel

You need trained security personnel if you want to keep your car park safe. You can install a surveillance system with cameras, but you will not benefit from it if you do not have the appropriate staff who know how to watch the video monitors.

Professional security companies provide trained and specialized security personnel who can handle all types of difficult situations and can communicate well with the public. When hiring security guards for your parking lot, make sure they know how to communicate well with people, as they will become your business representatives. People who use the parking lots will be addressing their enquiries to the Security Guards, e.g. they will ask for payment instructions or any other questions.

In view of all the above, if you want your parking lot to be safe, you should consider using technology in conjunction with trained security guards.

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