The job of a security guard is by no means easy. Especially during the summer, security guards face additional challenges in their daily work. It requires professionalism, special attention and concentration in order to perform their duties effectively.

Direct exposure to heat

Patrols or static security guards are exposed to sunlight during the summer. This direct and continuous exposure makes them vulnerable to heat stroke. During the summer, heat can be a source of difficulties for security guards.

Security professionals are able to cope with these challenges based on their training and experience in the field. Reliable security companies provide their staff with all the tools they need to cope with difficulties such as weather.

Lack of hydration

Keeping yourself hydrated, especially during the day in summer, is extremely important. Lack of fluid in the body makes it difficult to make quick and correct decisions. Water intake is essential for security guards to stay alert during their working hours.

During their service hours, the security guards take care to receive the appropriate amount of water that will keep them cool, calm, active and will be able to deal with difficult situations.

Sweat causes skin problems

Due to excessive heat, security guards sweat. This can make them uncomfortable and affect their skin as well. Constant itching and scratching of the skin will not allow them to focus on their work.

Experienced and trained security professionals are protected from this challenge and remain calm. They are trained to ignore the distraction and focus on their responsibility at all times.

Public reaction due to heat

The heat not only affects the performance of the security guards but also makes the public impatient. Security professionals must also be able to handle the insecurity and discomfort of the public. When the weather is not pleasant, people tend to react in a worse way. This makes the job of security guards even more difficult. Security professionals always take care to remain calm and focused in order to handle the public.

More health risks

Security guards must constantly monitor people and the building affected by the heat. The weak and the elderly people can get sick or faint. It is the responsibility of the security guards to protect the people inside the building.

Security experts must take care of people waiting in queues without shade over their heads, as well as keep themselves safe from the heat. In the event of a medical emergency, the security guard is the first person to respond to the situation and notify those responsible asking for the necessary assistance.

Threats to the building’s wiring and electrical installations

During the summer, weak and old wiring of a building’s electrical installations can heat up and cause power outages. In the event of a short circuit or any other type of situation, it is the duty of the security guards to carry out and support the timely evacuation.

Vigilant and professional security guards can minimize losses and avoid any injuries by making the right and timely decisions.

Heat can lead to various incidents. The people appointed as security guards are responsible for the safety of the people and the building in which they work.

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