Organizing an event and maintaining its effective security is always a difficult process. You need to make sure that all participants feel safe and that no intruder can harm them. However, while organizing an event and making a plan for its security, you may miss some important points that can cause any damage or disruption.

Regardless of the venue or size of the event, maintaining security is extremely important. There are some steps you can take and some mistakes to avoid. Here are the mistakes you should avoid at all costs to maintain an effective security plan for your event.

No security goals

The implementation of a security plan requires the clear definition of the individual objectives and the appropriate security protocols. The security guards should be well aware of what they should control when the public enters the premises of the event and what they should do in case of an incident. They should also be aware of the types of security threats they may face. Without such prior training, you will probably fail to implement a proper safety plan.

Hiring services from non-professional providers

Incompetent and inexperienced security personnel can negatively affect your security plan and aggravate a situation instead of resolving it.

A competent and experienced security services company will have the necessary know-how to handle any potential threats. It is best to research well in advance and hire an experienced security company who can provide effective services.

Not having enough staff

Incorrectly calculating the required number of security guards is another common mistake made by many event organizers. It will be difficult to manage any bad situation and control the crowd. With a limited number of security guards you will not be able to secure the perimeter of your event and therefore the situation could get out of control.

Not informing your team

Informing the security staff and the general organization of the team before the start of the event is essential, to make sure that everyone knows the significance of the event and that they have a common plan in mind. Discuss how to respond to an emergency, understand the security plan, and receive invaluable contribution from the team members.

Other mistakes to avoid

  • Intricate security plans
  • The security plan is not tested before implementation
  • Incorrect integration of the plan in the plan of the whole event
  • Assuming the provider will do all the work without our input
  • Non-training of company employees before the event
  • Failure to conduct a risk assessment

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