By taking a risk-based approach to assessing the physical security of your organization, business, or home, you can ensure the highest return on your investment.

All organisations face some degree of physical threat, from crime, natural disasters, technological incidents or human error. In addition, multi-facility organizations often struggle to optimize physical security. Physical security must be adapted to the actual risk in order to increase its effectiveness. Identifying risk factors related to an installation or asset allows your organization to increase the return on investment, in terms of time and money spent on potential remediation works.

A physical risk assessment can help identify the appropriate technological tools and procedures to be implemented to reduce these risks. UNITED SECURITY assesses physical, technological and anthropogenic threats, specifically for each point of an installation, based on interviews, information gathering, comprehensive statistics and up-to-date data sources. These threats are then placed in the specific context depending on the likelihood, frequency and impact, as well as the presence and effectiveness of controls designed to address them.

The risk framework and assessment are the foundations for:

  • the protection of an organization’s assets including individuals, physical assets and intangible assets (such as corporate reputation).
  • understanding the relevant exposure to risk, for current and planned activities.
  • compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • the identification of reasonable control measures required to eliminate the risk.

This helps to create a risk management plan for each installation, allowing a strategic map to be created to deal with any potential incidents. If necessary, this roadmap can be aligned with a specific business framework to help your organization meet its regulatory requirements.

Many years of experience enable our team to identify gaps in physical security audits and suggest improvements that support your business goals.