Security professionals play a key role in the security of your business premises. Security guards are (and should be) ethical and responsible members of society, both during their working hours and after hours.

The actions, behavior and practice of security guards must be governed by positivity and cooperation, in order to always create an excellent productive relationship between themselves and other members of society.

Thus, there are two sides to the job of a security professional, the social and the professional. The best security officers know how to balance and manage these two roles effectively.

Protection of Citizens’ Rights

Professional security guards play a vital role in protecting citizens’ rights. When they do their job, they may face many situations where they may need to step out of their job and do something for members of the wider community. If someone violates the rights of another customer or visitor to the building, the security guard must step in and handle the situation prudently and logically.

Response to emergencies outside the areas of responsibility

The security guards have the professional responsibility to take care of those who are in the building and the business premises. But their social responsibility requires them to remain responsible and act humanely, if necessary, to ensure that they will help someone in an emergency, even outside or next to the building.

For example, if a security guard saw a car accident around the area or an elderly person trying to cross a busy road, he would rush to help without thinking about his job description.

In addition, patrolling the premises could help in catching a criminal who has snatched a wallet, is trying to steal a car, or is committing any other type of crime.

Helping people avoid danger

Reliable and effective security companies hire professionals and socially responsible security guards. They need to be cooperative, kind-hearted and observant. They are trained to determine if a person seeking help is not deliberately trying to distract him.

Caring for cars and customer belongings

The security guards assigned to patrol garages, entrances and exits of business parkings have been assigned the care of cars and other assets of customers entering and leaving the building. They need to observe and locate those who may be trying to damage, steal or snatch valuables from vehicles.

Protecting people inside the building from harassment

Security guards who are loyal to their work give people a sense of security inside the building. If we take the example of a mall, incidents such as harassment are common.

When people see that there are security guards, they are given a sense of security. It is the duty of a security guard to set the example by taking appropriate actions against any perpetrator.

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