When it comes to protecting a business, manned security is a one-way street, but how do you decide between static security or mobile security patrols? Mostly, it depends on your business, the size of the facility and the goals you set when investing in security.

Static Guarding

This is the preferred choice for entrances / exits, events, retail stores, sports games, etc. Research has shown that the physical presence of security guards acts as a major deterrent to crime prevention. Static guarding can prevent unauthorized access, reducing the likelihood of misconduct.

In addition to preventing unwanted attendees, static security creates a sense of security for visitors and business staff, that is, you have invested to keep them safe. Static security is the best solution for improved security in facilities where you want to monitor who enters and leaves, as well as to protect the staff or assets of the company.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol means security guards who can move around your premises to monitor suspicious behavior or detect potential intruders. It is especially useful outside of business hours, ensuring that someone protects your property when you are not there and is likely to be targeted by criminals. In addition to patrolling the outside of your building, they can also conduct indoor patrols to check for signs of suspicious activity, disturbances or even potential fire hazards and to ensure that each floor is safe.

Even if you have CCTV in place, there will be some blind spots and CCTV relies on someone watching it at all times to catch any illegal behavior before it is too late. Prevention is obviously a much better solution, so having trained security guards ready to respond to any suspicious behavior by watching your CCTV and patrolling the building regularly is a great choice.

The size of the premises will determine how many security guards you need and how often they should patrol. Shopping malls, car parks, warehouses and residential communities, are all examples of cases that benefit from mobile patrol. Some of these premises may require 24-hour security, meaning that one or more security guards patrol frequently, at random times and throughout the day and night, as this will may make it more difficult for criminals to plan their illegal actions.

So which solution is best?

As already mentioned, this depends on exactly what you need. Static guarding is ideal for the entrances and exits of the premises. The static security guards can check the identification and accessibility of the visitors and / or their luggage.

However, a mobile patrol team may check your facility regularly or irregularly to monitor for signs of illegal activity. Also, security guards are often trained in health and first aid and can offer advice when needed.

Therefore, you can choose a combination of both services for your business. If you e.g. host a large-scale event, you would like static security at entry points and in each of the arenas, carry out luggage and identity checks. In addition, you may want mobile patrols around the perimeter to check for potential intruders and suspicious behavior. It is also possible to have valuable equipment that needs protection, as well as artists and celebrities who need to feel safe at your event.

There may be many things to consider when formulating a security plan, so it is always best to talk to industry experts so that they can advise you properly and reliably. Contact us to take advantage of our experience, keeping your people and assets safe.