The fear of things being stolen (equipment, goods, etc.) is always present when you start a new business. If your business is vulnerable, this increases the chances of threats. Small companies are often targeted because they usually do not take the appropriate steps to provide security for their business. They are more likely to be victims of burglary, theft and cyber-attacks.

Therefore, having a business security plan should be the first and foremost concern for your business. It is important that you formulate your security plan and we should let you know about the various steps you can take to improve your commercial security. Here are some steps you can take to improve the security of your business. These steps apply to both large and small businesses.

Assess your risk

The first step to a successful security plan is to assess the potential risks you may face. This risk assessment will help you create the most effective plan. Check your current security situation and identify potential threats that may arise. You can also seek advice and stay informed about the current security situation in the surrounding areas.

Check Possible entry points

This is an extension of the first step. You need to analyze the threats in order to get the full picture of potential entry points and potential vulnerabilities.

Any capability that would help with the installation of the most appropriate security system should be considered. Also, check for ways in which your products could be stolen because the intruders are not always visible.

Contract with a security company

Many people believe that they can install cameras and other security devices themselves. However, the know-how provided by a security company is invaluable, as it can look for potential vulnerabilities and ensure that there is full coverage. You can contact UNITED SECURITY and take advantage of our services, both in the installation of the appropriate systems and in manned guarding.

Install CCTV and alarm systems

Surveillance cameras and intrusion alarm systems are essential in order to provide a complete security solution to your business premises. They are the most useful security systems and provide high quality videos, which can give you adequate information to find the intruder.

Changing passwords on a regular basis and keeping the team informed about it, is also important. In addition, assign your security team the task of constantly monitoring the cameras to detect any suspicious activity in real time.

Invest in data security

Investing in the physical security of a commercial building is one part. But you should consider protecting your data from ransomware and cyber-attacks as well. Cybercrime is on the rise and investing in trusted cyber security systems (antivirus, firewall, etc.) can protect your data.

Intruders find it easy to attack small businesses as they have not implemented smart security solutions, usually in the early stages of the company. If your system is effective, hackers will not spend much of their time violating it.

Train your employees for security

Training your employees and creating a sense of security in your business is vital to operating efficiently. Educate your employees about potential threats and how they can play their part in protecting it. You can instruct them on how to maintain a security routine during business hours and when closing the business.

Ask your employees to keep their money, laptops, cards and other necessities in inaccessible areas. They must lock the doors when working overtime and there must be a security guard at the entrance of the office.

Check your vendors

You must perform security checks on your vendors. Check their credit or debit card history, monitor their activities and monitor their movement with the help of security cameras.

Shredded documents

Some documents are no longer useful, but may cause security issues for you if someone else sees them. Invoices and customer offers are some of the basic documents you need to shred before disposing of waste.

Commercial security is the backbone of a successful business. In addition to taking security measures internally, you can trust a security company to effectively protect your property and beware of any potential vulnerabilities.

UNITED SECURITY provides the most reliable and effective security solutions for small and large businesses. We have a dedicated team of professionals working day and night to offer you the safest experience. Contact us today and take advantage of our multiple security services.