Male security guard with portable radio, outdoors

What makes professional security guards stand out?

Hiring a security professional who acts proactively will make a significant difference. There is a huge difference between reacting when...

The 5G revolution: what about security?

While many tech enthusiasts have embraced the 5G promises, many experts are concerned about the growing security threats it may pose...

How to properly evaluate a security services company

Businesses require security partners to address three important issues in the workplace - the security of assets, the safety of staff...
united security

Key differences between unmonitored and monitored security systems

Once you have decided to install a security system, the next step is to decide if you want a security system with surveillance or without...
κατασκευές εργοτάξιο ασφάλεια

Best practices for construction site security

Construction sites are often easy targets for malicious actions. Theft is a constant threat to any construction project, whether commercial..
βήματα προετοιμασίας εταιρείες security

What to do before using security guard services

The hiring of security services should be done only after careful analysis and thorough planning. First, you need to decide on the level of..

Why long-term security benefits businesses

While temporary security guards make sense for special events or limited time commitments, many companies would be better served if they had..
parking security

How security guards keep parking lots safe

Parking lots are one of the most important places in which you must maintain adequate and proper security, as there are valuable assets,...
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Trends in perimeter security

Modern perimeter security applies in many forms, from high security and restricted access sites, to high-tech luxury wholesale and retail...