Differences between various Security Services Providers

The best and most reliable manned security service providers pride themselves on the high quality of personnel they can offer their clients..
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The most common business security issues

Corporate security is extremely important to protect your assets and personnel. If you want to know how to protect your business from...

Storing CCTV footage to the ‘Cloud’ ?

Cloud Computing is the distribution of IT services over the Internet. Some examples of such services are storage, databases, servers...

What documents are needed for a security guard license?

Documents for granting a work permit for the staff of Private Security Services Company (I.E.P.Y.A.). All security company employees must...

What to consider when planning your security budget

A security budget can help you set clear goals, protect you and your organization from risk, and prevent wasted money and other resources...
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Get into the mind of an intruder

An invasion condition may be devastating for any property owner. What can you do to address such a potential issue? First, we have to get...

The importance of security services in healthcare

When it comes to a field like healthcare, the importance of security is amplified to very high levels. Patients who visit the facilities...

What Security Guards check during their patrol

Security guards are responsible for patrolling an area and looking for potential threats. To do their job effectively, they need to...

Hiring private security isn’t just for big companies anymore

When it comes to business or more extensive protection needs, security guards are the only ones who can make the process effortless for...