Physical Security – New Challenges

The concept of physical security is changing very fast due to the evolution of technology. Previously adopted security measures to protect...

The History of Security Guards

In the early 1800s, there were no established law enforcement agencies or federal authorities to prosecute illegalities on land lines...

Security guard’s role in pandemic

H ανταπόκριση του κλάδου στην πανδημία COVID-19 απέδειξε την απαραίτητη παρουσία τους των φυλάκων ασφαλείας, αλλά και τη συνεχή εξάρτηση των αγορών από...
ασφάλεια σε εργοτάξια

Security in Construction Sites

Construction sites are often natural targets for thieves, as they generally contain high value facilities, materials and equipment. Construction sites can..