Security Guards in Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

Any business (small or medium) can become a victim of illegal activity. Using the services of a reputable, licensed security organization...

Prioritizing cybersecurity

Companies can protect their operations from these security risks by setting strong IT and data access control rules while adhering to...
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Short-term Security Guards

Often, short-term, last-minute needs arise that require top-quality security guards that could not have been anticipated earlier. Many...
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Do security booths increase security guard effectiveness?

These security booths can be either fixed (permanent) or portable. However, it is undeniable that their presence creates a clear stopping...
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How to improve your security services

Although many security companies may seem the same, their quality assurance programs and compliance are what make the difference.,,

Manned security in logistics facilities

Security services are of the utmost importance for any warehouse, whether private or a third party logistics services. Here are some ways...
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Emerging technologies in security

After the impact that Covid-19 had on many businesses, companies began to look at how they can use technology to fill the gaps in their...

The characteristics of an effective Security Guard

Many people fail to realize that there is so much more to creating a true professional Security Guard than an intimidating appearance...

Physical Security – New Challenges

The concept of physical security is changing very fast due to the evolution of technology. Previously adopted security measures to protect...