When you think of security guards, you might envision stern figures in uniform, focused on maintaining order and security. However, the manned security services industry is evolving beyond these stereotypes, emphasizing the importance of positive interactions and friendly behaviour. A shift toward friendlier and more accessible security practices is reshaping the industry and benefiting both security guards and the communities they serve.

The turn to friendliness

The traditional perception of security guards as stern and unapproachable figures is giving way to a new approach – one that prioritizes creating positive bonds with the public. Today’s security guard industry recognizes that approachability can lead to better communication, increased trust and ultimately a safer environment.


Enhanced Community Relations: Friendlier security practices encourage positive community relations, leading to better understanding of security measures and mutual respect.

De-escalation: Accessible security guards are more effective in de-escalating tense situations, minimizing conflicts and ensuring peaceful resolutions.

Preventive measures: Security guards who build good and harmonious relationships are more likely to receive valuable information from the public, which can help prevent potential security threats.

Public cooperation: A friendly demeanor encourages cooperation from the public in following security guidelines and reporting suspicious activity.

Approachability in Action

Welcoming with body language: Smiles, open body language and a friendly greeting can instantly set a positive tone and put people at ease.

Active listening: Security guards who listen carefully to concerns and questions show that they care about the well-being of those they protect.

Encouraging conversations: Encouraging casual conversations can help break down barriers and create a sense of community.

Educational approach: Explaining security protocols in a friendly way can help the audience better understand the reasons behind certain measures.

Community Events: Attending or organizing community events can help security guards connect with the public on a personal level.

The manned security services industry is undergoing a transformation that highlights the importance of accessibility and positive interactions. Friendlier security practices not only contribute to safer environments, but also foster a sense of trust and community. As security guards become more than protectors – they become accessible allies – the industry’s impact is magnified, ensuring security is maintained with a human touch. So the next time you run into a security guard, remember that behind the uniform is a friendly face dedicated to making the world a safer and more welcoming place.